Tyga – Storm (Feat Stefano Moses) [Music Video]

May 8, 2011 by Danny M

Music Videos

Check out the official music video for Tyga‘s “Storm” track featuring Stefano Moses above. This song appears on Tygaman‘s Black Thoughts Volume 2 mixtape, and Brazil directed the visual.

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15 Responses to “Tyga – Storm (Feat Stefano Moses) [Music Video]”

  1. steupzzzz (trini) Says:

    1st…..tyga got lots of emotion wen he’s rappin………dont let nun stop u man……


  2. T-Clow Says:

    This was my favorite track of BT2. Video is awesome


  3. Real #Djinns Says:

    ” What the f-ck is illuminati? “


  4. tarence Says:

    Inspiring hip hop artist/producer/writer by the name Nift uploaded a music video titled “better than it already is”.A song about everyday struggles and the pursuit of happiness each of us search for.


    I believe that alot of people can related to the underlined them of the song and also the video features the “8mm” vfx(a video effect most professionals cant even pull off)and i did all this in a week by myself.


  5. wfe Says:

    BLACK THOUGHTS 2 is one of my all time favorite tapes


  6. Luiseezy F. Crazy Says:

    beast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 this nigga is a beast tyga over wiz khalifa


  7. Nandizo Says:

    Gt alot Of respect fr Tyga he good…
    jst cant wait fr the album if the MT is this good


  8. DanYMCMB4ever Says:

    Like that a lot!!!! Thats what i’m talking aboutttt, keep it coming fresh and deep like that…


  9. DanYMCMB4ever Says:

    I can actually see this on 106&park!!!


  10. bknyhustle Says:

    damn tyga did some epic shit on black thoughts… for real im so gettin hyped for Careless world rite about now…


  11. tygatyga Says:

    Tyga is muslim… U see wen he says pray/bow down muslims. All the way… The truth nd the lies.. Just these all these guys can’t come out nd embrace it cuz the fukin american gov would come on their balls and ruin their lives.. Jus like micheal jackason.. Jus like tupac… Just like mike tyson.. Jus like … List goes on nd on fuckin goverment doesn’t want any muslim to come up but they know no matter wut they do.. The truth will prevail no matter wut..


  12. DanYMCMB4ever Says:

    @tygatyga, is that all the evidence u hv for ur statement…if it is, man…people this days and how they just start rumors and assumption pulling it right from their asses…com’on man. u should hv something better than that.


  13. dopeyawesome Says:

    dis some deep shit! especially when you watch the video!!!! TYGATYGA!


  14. Tyga,s wife Says:

    What the f-ck is illuminati?I dont understande he is one off ulluminati


  15. Thomas Says:

    Iluminati is against the church that means that god hasn’t build the world but other aspects what a shame…. I like tyga as a christian…


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