Video: The Making Of DJ Khaled’s “I’m On One” Record

May 17, 2011 by Danny M

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Above, you can watch some footage of how DJ Khaled‘s “I’m On One” single came together featuring Drake, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne. Khaled and Drizzy also say they will be shooting a music video for the track in Miami real soon.

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12 Responses to “Video: The Making Of DJ Khaled’s “I’m On One” Record”

  1. Alex Says:

    first yeaaa this video gon be firree!!!


  2. Grant Says:

    SICK! It’s good that a DJ got signed and the stuff he puts out its Legendary! He has the best collabs and it all works – can’t wait for the album.


  3. KingBossX Says:

    OLD YOUNGIN Im Da CEO Of Ghetto Hood Street Music,KingBossX Ent, Get On Deck Production & Raplordz Family Suport Da Movement…Trust Nobody But Yourself & GOD… PEACE & LOVE!!!


  4. Alex Says:

    I fuckin hate that man…like i dont understand why they agree to pay this dude that dont really do shit. i can think of madd rappers to throw in a song too shit im i a dj now too? fuck outta here stop yellin all over the tracks ur voice in annoying. I LOVE THAT SONG THO i just hate DJ khaled and i dont get wtf he actually does?!?!


  5. these nuts nigga Says:

    that nigga dj khaled look like hip hop harry hahahahahaa


  6. jan Says:

    @alex bitch he makes the beats and very sick beats so shut tha fuck up talking about him


  7. ntnt Says:

    you r dumb nigga, khaled doesnt make any beats the runners made nearly all of em


  8. Michael (Eazy-M) Says:

    Waitin for the video, as Stunna gonna say ; believe that 🙂


  9. Nigs Says:

    he doesn’t make beats, he brings people together and make epic tracks. I mean, Nas and John Legend? sweet combo. Rick, Drizzy and Wayne? Epic combo. Seriously.


  10. Jeremy William Says:

    That’s lame whoever likes dj khaled is f*uckin lame 2.. and Birdman need 2 stop being in wayne video so much. Just there 2 be there..


  11. MB Says:

    Top track but too may hangers-on in the video! Doesn’t need all of you!!


  12. Dj cyon Says:

    Though i like khaled, but y cant he sing alone, all of his songs are collabs 😮


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