Video: Lil Chuckee Performs “Just The Way You Are” Acoustic

May 26, 2011 by Danny M

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In the video above, you can watch Lil Chuckee rap his version of Bruno Mars’ “Just The Way You Are” acoustic in Times Square. This track appeared on both Chuckee‘s The Bride Of Chuckee and Rappers Market 2 mixtapes.

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15 Responses to “Video: Lil Chuckee Performs “Just The Way You Are” Acoustic”

  1. saber2th Says:

    Damn, Chuckee Sucks here just sayin’


  2. Essence Robinson Says:

    damn chuckee u look good & all but you just need to learn some rap lesson Lil’Wayne or Eminem or somebody cuzz u just need it real badd!!!


  3. Karisma Lisenby Says:

    Essence Robinson didn’t write I really did niqqa bitch bitch bitchy bitch ass fucker!!!


  4. Brionna Ingram Says:

    Me and essence love you!!!


  5. Essence Brown Says:

    your everything to meeeeee!!!


  6. Tamnesha Watts Says:

    hi y’all doin i’m Lil’Snookie


  7. Tamnesha Watts Says:

    saber2th you need to leave Lil’Chuckee alone like real talk


  8. Willie Owens Says:

    i’m glad dhat you learned a lesson from Lil’Wayne you diqq!!! BITCH!!!!!


  9. Steven Howie Jr. Says:

    do anybody know who lil’wayne was holding hands with on Miami Beach and he was shirtless!!!DER!


  10. DanYMCMB4ever Says:

    Chuckee man!! keep working hard, u r already counting the paper but it will be countless soon…


  11. KC Says:

    Dope : )


  12. Jimon Robinson Says:

    DanYMCMB4ever needs to like really shut up the freak up 4-real


  13. Montavious Coleman Says:

    I agree wit u Lil’dude he really do!!


  14. Johnny porno Says:

    I love your life weezy


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