Drake – Marvins Room x Take Care Album Release Date

June 9, 2011 by Danny M

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Drake Marvins Room x Take Care Album Release Date

OVO just announced the release date for Drake‘s forthcoming Take Care album and posted a new song titled “Marvins Room“. You can listen and download the track below, and Take Care will be available in stores on October 24th. Drizzy will also be dropping the official first single from the album in July.

Download: Drake – Marvins Room

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50 Responses to “Drake – Marvins Room x Take Care Album Release Date”

  1. Harley Says:

    1st haha! YM all day.


  2. suwu Says:

    Does drake sip sizzurp? :O


  3. nick Says:



  4. Gaggiii Says:

    i dont know what to say…..
    fuckin amazing ?!
    looks like he will never change just because of some paper shit.. …… and that’s a good thing !!!!


  5. Sean Says:

    @suwu, listen to a few of his recent songs like All Of The Lights remix and he says so.


  6. JC Says:

    Drake go 2 hard…


  7. bknyhustle Says:

    i stopped disrespecting Aubrey when i found out the great Larry Graham (sly and the family stone) is his uncle and his other uncle Teenie Hodges was Al Green’s lead guitarist..

    the lil Jewish ni99a got musical pedigree… he not just a lucky nickelodeon disney channel ni99a like Justin Snowflake

    takecare >>>>>>>


    • blake Says:

      Who cares! Just because his uncle is larry doesn’t mean to stop calling him out on his crappy “music” Larry is a legend, and ihate to even think the two are related!


  8. TonyCruz Says:

    follow me



  9. irob56 Says:

    f what you heard drizzy drake is the best rapper/singer in the game YMCMB all day nigga


  10. Tune(Man on the Moon) Says:

    who is the producer of tha track?


  11. dacrewmusic Says:

    we be on the same shit


  12. Tune(Man on the Moon) Says:

    oh i am konowing that now its noah 40
    and i loooooooooooooooove that song!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  13. Tera Marion Says:

    i love you drake cant wait to scream your name at universal (:


  14. mayyne Says:

    Flights in the morning
    What you doing thats so important?

    Siiick, to these songs of Drake i could listen to it for hours and live my life alone just fuckinnn around


  15. BigDoe Says:

    Im surprised ymhq actually posted this, most of the time yall just on some lame ass chuckie shit. good to see yall finally posting REAL shit





  17. YESSIR Says:

    So fucking original, Drake’s too good


  18. Luiseezy F. Crazy Says:

    lmao @this comments lol y’all are funny!!


  19. jerry Says:

    drake’s awesome


  20. adz Says:


    check it out MY VIDEO AND EDITING of drakes song dreams money can buy and the original by JAI PAUL!!


  21. AcM Says:

    Drake is deffo still on point his new songs are always worth waiting for he’s a well an truely talented artist


  22. quiarahh* Says:

    Itssx likee if you dont like drake WHO ARE YOU ?! i listened too thiks bout 7 timess already teyana taylorss goes hard but DRAKE’S GOES HARDER like alwayss . . .DONT GIVE THISS SONQ TO NOBODY ! I LOVE YOU DRAKE YOU SO DAMN FIN3 I I QOT ALL YOUR MIXTAPESX . . . ! i LOV3 DR4K3


  23. peres Says:

    amazing track…


  24. thatguy Says:

    get off this nigga nutz he ight but he aint touchin wayne yet


  25. Tajh Says:

    Follow me @Snukks_Here


  26. uzi-boy Says:

    young money to the death


  27. MrsGraham Says:

    Why does that datee have to be sooo far away !? “/



  28. booboo:) Says:

    @tune(man on the moon) It’s probably Noah ’40’ Shebib. He produces almost all Aubreyyyys stuff.



  29. ljayfromaroundtheway Says:

    This guy’s music is amazing. . . Enough said


  30. Carmina Says:


    Your flow is so nice on this cut, I can’t wait til that album drop on your B-day.


  31. Slovas Says:

    Drizzy Drake, been following the nigga since back in the day, ATF mother fuckers, YMCB now….. you rock niggaaaarrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  32. @PINKgunsmoke_ Says:

    okay , i know ALOT of people might say there his biggest fan but NO i AM Drakes biggest fan i have been a fan of Drake’s since he dropped Room For Improvement , i been a fan since 2001 when he first started acting on Degrassi my life is dedicated to Drake , my room is plastered with posters of Drake on my wall i bought 12 copies of Thank Me Later i saved all the original packing & the receipts on June 15, 2010 at 5: 02 when Drake came on stage to help Terrance host 106&Park i was there in front of my tv screen crying because i was so proud i know the LYRICS to EVERY Drake song when ” Better Than Good Enough ” came on Wednesday i was there crying & laughing with Drake & his family Drake means the world to me hes just not some rapper , he the BEST rapper to EVER live his music inspires me , it touches my heart it makes me happy because i know hes not trying to be something hes not , hes a T. O . boy hes not trying to be gangster & fuck hoes & call women bitches he respects them growing up around a primarily female base it took tole on him , you know & when Charlamagne tried to diss Drake it made me fucking MAD like fuck charlamagne that bitch ass nigga name sound like a cheap ass champagne FUCK that nigga hating on Drake cause Drake got more money than him . I follow Drake on twitter @drakkardnoir i retweet EVERY tweet he does he was the first person i followed when Drake’s song ” Best I Ever Had ” came out i would litterally cry because i knew there was a possibility that i would never meet Drake & that the love that i had for him he would never see. theres so much more to Drake that no one really see’s like Drake is caring ,he doesnt belong with YM , YM is a good group , but Drake doesnt fit in , they all hype & cursing & whoop whoop whoop FUCK THAT NIGGA , but Drakes ot like that hes calm . well i hope Drake see’s this because if you do Aubrey Drake Graham born to Sandi & Dennis Graham in Toronto, Ontarion, Canada i LOVE you Soooooooooooooooooooo Much & you ARE the GREATEST rapper EVER i support you , for whatever you do in life : follow me on twitter @PINKgunsmoke_


    • bbgalyssa Says:

      nah that’s not a fan that’s just an obsession. I am a huge fan. But I don’t seem creepy. Like retweeting his every tweet. And btw we didn’t need t know your life story. lml


  33. Mai Says:

    lol the bitch wrote a whole life story down there.


  34. Jairo Says:

    Drake your awesome man i love your music i respect what u have to say


  35. Jairo Says:

    @ thisguy
    ya weezy has been in the game longer but all he talks about is pussy money weed…. when i heard ”how to love” i liked it i didnt believe it was wayne but sometimes waynes lyrics dont make sense and drakes do so i think drake is better than wayne


  36. 3jay Says:

    drake album gonna be hot enough said


  37. DE-TIK Says:

    no 1 in YM is better thn wyne even the so much talked abt drake,wayn is a genuise and drake is a hard worker lolest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  38. ginaa is Firee Says:

    when iss Draake album coming out ?? 🙂


  39. Name (required) Says:

    you can rim for days


  40. Name (required) Says:

    ymcmb is the best team ever


  41. jesse Says:

    yung money is the best team ever


  42. sangeet Says:

    i am drake huge fan and i love every song he makes and i could rap any song he makes i am a awsoime rapper i will post a rap song on youtube named drake


  43. sangeet Says:

    i would respect an thing that you drake says and if he needs money ask me i would be so happy i love u drake and young money


  44. drake Says:

    yo i like all your comments but i like sangeet the most cause hes my bro


  45. drizzynumber1fa Says:

    nobody can touch DRAKE he is de best rapper even lil’wayne admitted that.


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