Lil Chuckee – Fear God (Feat AL COE) [Music Video]

June 25, 2011 by Danny M

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Check out the official music video for Lil Chuckee‘s “Fear God (Hustle Hard Remix)” featuring AL COE above. You can download the audio here!

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4 Responses to “Lil Chuckee – Fear God (Feat AL COE) [Music Video]”

  1. GraceSoul Says:

    Look In the Mirror—- Yo Gotti

    I look in the mirror what i see?
    Not a girl , a lady i be
    Do you see me?
    What about we?
    Will there ever be a we?
    I’m learning french and yes means wee
    trying to play catch me.
    you wont catch up
    , i’ll sting u like a bee
    With my point I’ll stick u real hard
    Come Get in this car;)
    No i’m not playing
    I”m just stacking..
    The money i get
    Richer nd richer i bet
    Why u playing soccor that a girl sport…
    Be a man and try to be the support
    I know i could support you , But you gotta learn just cause i make it rain dont mean i feel your pain…


  2. GraceSoul Says:

    Dont Fear God.
    Fear Me!
    Let me show you the beat.
    Get me on your next track
    Oh yeah it’s about to be wack
    Dont try to play me or your face will get smacked
    Theres a time when u gotta hustle
    Theres a time when u gotta use that mucsle!
    Harder than ur man
    Oh wanna bet. oh yes i can
    Who really cares what u say?
    I’m on the beat
    So belive me i bring the heat.
    Dont try to play i’m not like Chuckee!
    You fear god
    Please Fear me
    I’m the next one
    The top one.
    Higher than birdman could fly!
    Not Higher than his son , intill he dies.


  3. bigtee Says:

    everyone who read this follow me on twitter @OfficialBigTee iim a rapper who is about to take off and im not being a hater but lil chuckee has no skills and needs to step his game up i love him being a workaholic nut step your game up


  4. TeamChuckee Says:

    Everybody follow @TeamChuckee on twitter.


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