Videos: Drake Sends A Message To Nicki Minaj & Ends Beef With Big Sean In Canada

August 6, 2011 by Danny M

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2 days ago, Drake performed at the Windsor’s Colosseum in Canada for a show. Drizzy performed his recent songs including “Headlines“, “Trust Issues” and “Marvin’s Room“, but he also decided to send a message to Nicki Minaj and clear up the Big Sean beef.

“Maybe I should call up Nicki Minaj and tell her how much I love her and how proud of her I am, because I feel that ever since we got famous we don’t really talk anymore and all I wanna do is hear her voice again for once in my life. Maybe I should, and that’s real shit too… damn”

Drake ends Big Sean beef and performs “Headlines” for the first time

Spotted at NB via HHHD

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9 Responses to “Videos: Drake Sends A Message To Nicki Minaj & Ends Beef With Big Sean In Canada”

  1. ga'fvd Says:

    First:) Drake is so talented!


  2. C4 Says:

    c4 =aug. 29th , support you guys


  3. Luiseezy F. Crazy Says:

    sorry for the wait carter 4 on the way, august 29 yeahh


  4. TDOT Says:

    drizzy really didn’t need to clear shit b/w him and that coon ass nigga, who the fuck is big sean anyway? hes really a nobody as compared to his status b. i mean why the fuck worry even if its a media spin or not, you kn it was meant to work in sean’s favor cuz he needs that controversy to able to sell his lame shit…smdh and you now given him this…

    Drizzy i kn you all bout peace and all that which is terrific… but can you just adopt the jay n wayne styles for once and stop mentioning this lame ass thirsty ass wanna be ballers niggas in ur shit – whats a peanuts to a elephant? if anything they should be the ones clearing the shit in they shows, not you dawg!


  5. trinity williams Says:

    man drizzy iz fne az wat


  6. Ak Says:

    whts the song where the instrumental was playin at the beginning of the first video?


  7. boogie Says:

    why would u say u clearing a beef and then perform a song called “headlines”? its almost like u saying yeah we cool but u not fuckin wit me…. idk just seems like that


  8. Yanna Says:

    @boogie : i agree with that.


  9. Yeah ho Says:

    Who’s big Sean ha


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