Torion – Super Fly [Newest Artist Of Young Money Entertainment]

August 21, 2011 by Danny M

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Torion Super Fly x Signs To Young Money

Young Money Entertainment have signed a new 13 year old artist to the label, who goes by the name of Torion. Torion can sing, rap and dance, and Mack Maine has already described the youngster as a “cross between Justin Bieber and Chris Brown”. You can listen and download a new song below called “Super Fly” (over Drake’s “Fear” instrumental) to see what the kid is about, which will appear on his upcoming debut mixtape, The Initiation Volume 1.

Download: Torion – Super Fly

Hit the jump to watch Young Money‘s President, Mack Maine, watch the kid audition to be signed for YME and call him “a star”:

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74 Responses to “Torion – Super Fly [Newest Artist Of Young Money Entertainment]”

  1. @gavinFbaby Says:

    – well we know he can sing . . . can he rap ?


  2. stripper Says:

    he younger than lil chuckee damn


  3. DOPE Says:

    I ain’t diggin’ his music, sorry.


  4. tunechii Says:

    wtf is that fkn homo nigga


  5. beast Says:

    Fuck this faggot!! Fuck YM!! This little faggot is never going to be good, he can suck my dick!!


  6. DOPE Says:

    Damn, you calling a 13-year old a faggot? How sad…


  7. crazy d Says:

    ha that’s mo money for cash money


  8. Jodizzo Says:

    DAMN . . . this kid has potential . . . but it will be awhile till he will hit the mainstream . . . DOPE


  9. Jason Says:

    honestly, hes not YM style, completely disagree with him joining YM, its only gonna change him, and not for the better. YM aint shit anyhow. This kid really needs to look long term and leave YM


  10. Birdman III Says:

    I hate to say this but he is prob gonna be the next Justin Bieber.


  11. Teehee Says:

    like what the fuck?! i have to say he is talented, but you know, the audience look kinda skeptical about young stars [12-15] i mean i can find a lotta talented chicks and guys [15-19] on youtube .. it’s just kinda awkward


  12. blackhero Says:

    ok beast its gay to say u want him to suck yo dick


  13. Name (required) Says:


    Don’t do this


  14. blake Says:

    @jason bitch stfu ym is the shit. i dont like this kid but with ym he can be big in no time. you a fucking hater bitch


  15. gina Says:

    jason dude go fuck yourself. ym is one of the best labels doing today. check the charts fool.


  16. aaron Says:

    @beast nigga u gay as fuck


  17. bianca Says:

    wayne and mack know what they doing trust me. by next year this lil nigga will be like a black justin beiber . thats big money!!


  18. Says:

    ym is building a REAL RECORD LABEL not some bullshit. thats why they have diverse artist you idoits


  19. lacey Says:

    vote for wane at this years vmas mtv. com


  20. ogeezy 2 1 0 Says:

    Dam that looked kinda oqward lol


  21. Mario Says:

    Dont get me wrong, th guy can sing but you cannot add this nigga to YM. Hell no, this shits like justin beber?


  22. Luiseezy F. Crazy Says:



  23. the cool Says:

    guys yal def buggin out irrelevantly for real, i mean cmon hes a kid he atleast got way too much time ahead to really develop himself and rite now this is his chance to showcase his talent. did justin beiber jus happened to fall from the sky and started singing, no. he went through a process to become who he is today…i ain’t even gon front, i rather would listen to this kid than that annoying ass chuckie any day…


  24. tunerfish Says:

    fuck his shit, damn, this child is useless


  25. Sanjaya gupta Says:

    Hoy what the hell is dis monkey justin nieger, you call that seizure dancing nigga get da hell upouta here. Torion indian curry shit.


  26. C-dub Says:

    This young man can sing, dance and entertain the masses and young money understands that is what will have his music all over the radio.They are going to laugh all the way to the bank!


  27. silik Says:



  28. itDigital Says:

    The kid has a website:


  29. tee Says:

    i think they should slow down with the sighing i mean they got a whole lot of people to put out like chuckee shanell twist tyga corey gunz short dawg millz ect.


  30. Bloodman Says:

    Yo I like the kid he can sing his ass off. Its like CM wih jay it is good to have someone who can do that. Plus he going to be a hit no doubt. An YM yes pushes thier artist to work but at the same time they want them to take thier time an be the best they can with there music.


  31. Tyga is the best of YMCMB Says:

    Sounds just like Justin Bieber. DISLIKE!!! Why the fuck would they sign him? SMDH How about signing rappers for a change.


  32. Ogeezy Says:

    So thats all it took one song n a cris brown lookin dance to get into


  33. blnkk Says:

    ayooooo geuss wha that muthafucka straight niyall callin him ah faget if he was 1 dat muthafucka can sang yall callin him 1 yall must be is


  34. me!!! Says:

    man, nobody who loves ym gonna like this kid, they aint serious at all, i know he’s tallented, but he aint gonna be a star


  35. bruhhh Says:

    i dont think he gonna make it .. sorry


  36. C4 Says:

    When hiss balls drop he’s screwed.
    He’ll last for a while i guess YMCMB


  37. dumb fucks Says:

    your opinions dont matter, the kid can sing his ass off and can sing.

    hes gonna make wayne millions.


  38. NUZ Says:

    ay… i know when i see a natural that can be a superstar….he lives breath what he does he loves his work…its in his spirit


  39. lil new orrleans Says:

    yall just mad cuz wanye didin sign yall


  40. Convict Says:

    Thats y the haters on this websight broke atm and hating on this kid. I didnt listen to the song yet but if Tunechi signed him to ym he got his reasons just like how Birdman signed wayne to cm while he was 9. So stop hatin and get yo money up playa’s


  41. DanYMCMB4ever Says:

    Man, y’all, they are the stars, YM…they know what to look for in a person!!! so if they think he will be a star, no dobut, he will be. Besides, you hear mack maine, he can make an average dude a star, so Torion is a no brainer.


  42. Kayla Says:

    Don’t be calling him a fagg. Hes going to become something one day. This kid has talent. watch in a few years you gonna be seein’ alot Torion. hes going to be big.


  43. J Twice:P Says:

    Im happy for the kidd!:P.he got signedd.let him bee.hes got talent.btt the song super should check out a little remix i madee.idk if youll like it btt go nd jst let me know what yew think if yeah or thanks!


  44. Phoenix'Lanay Says:

    he needs drop the hands when he sings && try not to use so much facial express … hes cute he taking chuckees places a a the young money youngin … they keep them fresh lol … good job but before he makes an album the others betta be ready to drop theres its been by far to long … and with some practice he might outshine some of them


  45. GDMalitia Says:

    I agree! I’m hatin cause he got signed and I didnt, I wanna chance, but not with a whole bunch of people, it would split my chances, what about ME?!?! is a couple singing lines all it takes????? I’m happy 4 him and that he’s living my dream…I’ll just wait 4 God…


  46. BrendaLovessTunechi Says:

    WOW , you guys are seriously HATERS ! Hes only 13 ! Why is is called YOUNG MONEY ? *YOUUUNG TALENT ! he will one daay be big … Just like Drake or Nicki . The Label ‘Young Money’ actually wants Variety , of artist not just RAP . Along with Cash Money , they have Jay Sean hes more into singiing not rapping .


  47. dubzilla Says:

    i knew he would make it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  48. boom Says:

    First Justin,then mindless behavior,now him? -__-


  49. humairrr Says:

    Lmao at some point I can’t take 13 year olds that talk about love and shit serious, but this dude can actually sing, I’m now listening to his remix of ”I’m On One” .. not bad actually, this dude owns Twist & Chuckee


  50. itsDigital Says:

    Yo here’s a video of the young kid recording ‘Super Fly’ remix to ‘Fear’


  51. itsDigital Says:

    This is an ACTUAL VIDEO OF TORION not that “Please listen to me” Shit ya’ll putting up… smh.

    He’s in the studio recording ‘Super Fly”


  52. RED Says:

    NEPHS i deserve a record deal more than that young nigga wtf


  53. lil-drizzy Says:

    genius ……………………. i wish dat woz meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


  54. Ogeezy Says:

    Dude we all deserve one .. Lol sux cuz I did a remix to “fear” a while back no singing just killed it…

    They are living the dream..fuk.

    N @ j twice niqqa u tryin to sound like drake lol


  55. EMANI Says:

    they only callin him a faggot cuz he gettin money at the age of fuckin 13 he chased his dream and early look where he at and look where yall at its all hatred HATERS!!!!!!!!!


  56. Maxi_Pen_Pad Says:

    Well, He is a blessing from God. He is a great kid with prolly more swag juice and koolaid then alot of ppl are ready for…but this guy here……you gone see. he is going to blow. I know bc i’m in the studio with him 😉 Peace to everyone.

    Love & Light


  57. lil dave Says:

    he has potential…just not my type of music lol hes like a black justin beiber….


  58. lil dave Says:

    why dosnt everyone stop hating on him!..really hes only 13…and its called “YOUNG” money…someday he might be a superstar…who knows he could be the next jay sean or chris brown


  59. YoungMoney Says:

    The Song is actully beast so stop hating ! GO TORION IM WIT U DAWG IM DOWNLOADING THIS TO MY IPOD


  60. Alex Wayne Carter Says:

    welcome to d family


  61. cloloroc Says:

    how much does it cost for lil wayne to perform for a party in milwaukee


  62. Lil steezy f weezy baby Says:

    This kid ain’t even that famous yet, and already ther’re some people hating on him… man ya’ll that does that shit should grow up.
    anyways i think this kid can go really far and be even better than justine beiber. he’s really talented and i think he’s pretty cool…


  63. Dmarea Smith Says:

    Im way better than him off tops


  64. SeeYouThere Says:

    Dear whoever thinks they’re better than Torion,
    Obviously you aren’t since TORION got signed to Young Money and you, clearly, did not since you’re sitting behind your computer wishing that you did. Therefore, bashing on his most obvious God-Given talents is not going to get you anywhere near the Young Money territory, since that’s where you so desperately wanna be. If it does you any justice, think about supporting him, maybe? It might work for you. Either way, he’s working his way to the top and he ain’t worried bout yall anwayzz.
    Dear Torion,
    You are beautiful! All I had to hear was your remix to Marvin’s Room and I knew I had to hear as much as I could from you. I wish you what you’re destined for. Good luck, Congrats and NEVER stop working and studying hard. You inspire me. You don’t know me but you will one day and I’ll point myself out to you. Trust that 🙂 From a true soon-to-be rising star to another 🙂
    (And that, my friend’s, is how you keep it real.) Yay Team Torion!


  65. Nice_Girl Says:

    This boy is cute and he could go some where easy with the help of Wayne and the crew.So baby F what every body is saying mean about you and just let the good boost you up. Hope to hear a song on the radio from you Torion.
    Love Acey



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