David Guetta – Turn Me On (Feat Nicki Minaj)

August 23, 2011 by Danny M

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David Guetta Turn Me On Feat Nicki Minaj

David Guetta collaborates with Nicki Minaj once again on his Nothing But The Beat album, which will be released in stores on August 29th. This track that is titled “Turn Me On” is a little bit different than what we normally hear Nicki record, but it’s pretty sick nonetheless! You can listen to the song below:

What are your thoughts Young Moneyians, are you feeling this record โ“

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32 Responses to “David Guetta – Turn Me On (Feat Nicki Minaj)”

  1. celly Says:



  2. Devin Says:



  3. swaggdboysa Says:



  4. sahaba Says:

    totally amazing!nicki u are da best!!!!


  5. lilweezyfan1 Says:

    damn this shit is sick as hell ๐Ÿ™‚ i love it ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. Giselle Says:

    Britney obviously rubbed off on her. I like it, but not at the same time. Whatever happened to rapping? This is weird.


  7. K.oZ.D Says:

    You want make money go ahead … the performance is good next i don’t like it very much


  8. MelloYello Says:

    she forgot to do her hair


  9. CeeJ Is BaCk MuThAfUcKaS.... Says:

    lil wayne a fake ass bitch just admit it he gonna be sittin at home at 35 wondering what happend to his career and fans okay as soon as the tha carter 3 made the sales he thot he was an instant superstar because of all the attention and thats when he started saying that he cares about fans and album sales and how much his carrer means to him and all his shitty suprises…lil wayne was shot dead after tha carter 2 was released and birdman just got a fake ass lil bitch to take waynes place because thats what its looks like ! FACT…lil wayne thinks he is too good and better than everybody to see his hometown again real rappers bring it home…done


  10. DanYMCMB4ever Says:

    You sound so familar haha @CeeJ, i didnt even see ur name at first and went…hmmm and then there u were bitching like usual. So a statement/opinion is a fact, just cuz you said its a fact. Boy!!! you are too busy worrying about others!!! get a life man!!!


  11. DanYMCMB4ever Says:

    I forgot about Nicki talking about u…what a distraction. Nicki, i didnt feel that. You probably experimenting on what you saw from your tour with Britney but I like you better with you old ish.


  12. CeeJ Is BaCk MuThAfUcKaS.... Says:

    @DanYMCMB4ever…yeah its me am just stating the truth that lil wayne “WAS” one of the best rappers ever at the carter 2 and before he was gangster he always said in interviews he didny give a shit about nuthin and was always drinking syrup and smoking weed and always went on about how new orleans and hollygrove is his everything and he will always bring it home…Tha carter 3 changed him he thinks he can do everything now and pull everything off…autoune sngs ? skateboarding ? punk rock clothes ? and bragging on abput how he wishes he never got as many tattoos and he never wants them on his face ? WE WANT WEEZY BACK…NOT tunechi we want old school lil wayne who loved getting tattoos and rapping about his hometown drugs money bitches and hiphop WATCH-HUSTLERS MUSIK THEN WATCH PROM QUEEN OR BEDROCK he a changed man now am worried what tha carter 4 will turn him into :O R.I.P WEEZY WEE :'(


  13. CeeJ Is BaCk MuThAfUcKaS.... Says:


    Either “” THA CARTER 4 “” will change lil wayne even more than what Tha fame from tha Carter 3 has done !!!

    OR it will change him back to LIL WEEZY the lil wayne we all know i doubt it but im hoping he just relises that he can do what he has done without changing at all ! if not then dedication 4 will be his last chance before he a sell out…..If wayne doesnt get good sales on C4 then its back to FUCK BITCHES GET MONEY ! the wayne we all know will be back ! SQ mob !


  14. YoungMoney Says:

    Nicki you dabes u can sing or rap to anything and it always sounds good :] U NEVER FAIL !!! HOW DO YOU DO IT ?!?!


  15. CeeJ Is BaCk MuThAfUcKaS.... Says:

    @YoungMoney,well she pulls her balls when she wants to sing then she lets them go when she raps thats how she probilly pull them stupid faces when she sings LOL at her…fat ASS bitch she better go suck drakes dick thatl be a moment 4 life ! YM PHONE NUMBER TRY IT ๐Ÿ˜€ >>> 01659-5041* the star is a missing digit ๐Ÿ™‚ work it out


  16. Ceej ls BaCk MuThAfUcKaS... Says:

    Na I’m just kidding
    I’m just so lonely I can’t get off this site
    I have never made contact with any other human exept my family n
    I have to fuck my grandmother so she can pay my 4 Internet


  17. CeeJ Is BaCk MuThAfUcKaS.... Says:

    This shit is tottally FUCKED UP !!! what tha fuck happend to CASH-MONEY YOUNG MONEY back in the day with birdman being the stunna now he a fuckin crowmanโ€ฆif the hot boys never broke up HIP-HOP wood be different ! <<<
    DONT PAY ROYALS ! if this was back in the day they wood be shot dead by now they figgers nowโ€ฆ.rather sad tbhโ€ฆR.I.P CASHMONEY 1991 to 2005 :'(โ€ฆ


  18. jackk Says:

    CeeJ stfu !!! why do you bother with young money or lil wayne if you hate them eh ?? i bet your the first to cop the carter 4 !! or r u hoping Danny M sees your comments and shouts you out hahaha


  19. CeeJ Is BaCk MuThAfUcKaS.... Says:

    hahaha… @jackk yeah thats it i will get up at 12 midnight n buy it at somewhere open 24hrs nahh why would i waste my time on a hiphop killer !…oooohh…1 more player enters tha game :)..


  20. Teehee Says:

    wow, i love the song .. so fresh!


  21. DanYMCMB4ever Says:

    @ceeJ, I guess its your right to be mad at him for changing from the old wayne to tunechi as you refer it, but artists develop and become someone else…not just artists, human beings…and situations change you too…but he is not changed in his roots he is still wayne and if you have noticed he has both types of music, the hood and the mainstream…and i think C4 will be different as he has mentioned he wants to be remembered for what he has to say too…but anyways…try to appreciate and see his new him too as much as you want the old wayne.


  22. Tune(Man on the Moon) Says:

    i dont like it its horrible


  23. Martian Says:

    @jackk yea u were right haha just waiting for Dan to shut him up


  24. Ronie Says:

    uhmm i dont like guetta fuck him… but uhh nicki damn i love this girl n my opinion bout this song- its different n thats why i like it , its extraordinary


  25. Emmanuel Nuel Says:

    everything about Young Money is about accuracy in all endeavours.


  26. francis flujo Says:

    good music ๐Ÿ™‚


  27. love Says:

    AMAZINGGGG!!!!!! #TeamMinaj All Day!!!!


  28. TYERELL Says:

    nICKI I LOVE TURN ME ON #TeamMinaj


  29. NiggaAlert Says:

    id tap nicky minaj


  30. NickiFan Says:

    I love this song its very addicting and nicki has found her voice.


  31. Selena Gomez Says:

    woww! that song is sooo AMAZING i just love… its my favourite song!! <3


  32. @aarifahw Says:

    woww soo true dtz da best song i have everr heard in my life i ๐Ÿ˜€ i love it! <3


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