Video: Torion Making His “Before The Flight” Track

August 30, 2011 by Danny M

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Above, you can watch some behind the scenes footage of Torion making his “Before The Flight” joint, which will appear on his upcoming The Initiation Volume 1 mixtape.

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7 Responses to “Video: Torion Making His “Before The Flight” Track”

  1. 3 Hours? Says:

    3 and a half hours doin 1 song?? lol even turtles fuck quicker than that. lol get on ya grind homie!


  2. studiostatus Says:

    lol he’s a kid lol. what you expect.


  3. @ 3 hours? Says:

    wtf are you talking about thats how long is takes to make a song man sometimes it takes longer if you want to get it just right its a different if youre rapping but hes a fucking singer bro of course its gonna take a while to finish even though its a remix damn stop talking shit hes just a kid anyway



    He’s Juss Ah Fck’n Kidd ., yall juss stop hatin’.. Ugh


  5. HNIC Says:

    The fuck are yall talking bout rappers take an hour singers can take up to 6 sometimes stfu with that ignorant ass shit!!! This lil kid is fuckin dope YM made an investment with him I aint mad at wayne!


  6. ty-mix Says:

    he didnt use khaled’s hook,it tsake most artist’s longer to make a song!! so all yall shut the fuck up


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