Torion – I Know They Say

September 4, 2011 by Danny M

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Torion I Know They Say

YM’s latest signee, Torion, has dropped the last leak we will get from his upcoming The Initiation Volume 1 mixtape dropping soon. We have previously heard Torion do a “Fear” remix, a “I’m On One” remix and now we have a “Marvin’s Room” remix, which Torion has called “I Know They Say“. You can listen and download the song below:

Download: Torion – I Know They Say

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17 Responses to “Torion – I Know They Say”

  1. jeff Says:

    Fuck this kid….first!!!


  2. Elia Says:

    I luv dwayne micheal carter jr da young mula


  3. fuck jeff Says:

    fuck you and your mother^^


  4. DOPE Says:

    That’s not in tune @ 0:41.
    He ain’t bad though.


  5. fuck fuck jeff Says:

    eat ur mother’s dick…and fuck torion


  6. Kadafi Says:

    i dont like this Kid wayne alwayz signs out of his azz gudda gudda???? lil chuckie???? lil twist???? Jae Millz???? they been signed how long but only twist now coming with a album fucking stupid fuck these artist they cant generate buzz


  7. extra S.W.A.G Says:

    i don’t like much that kid



    First of all he is 13 and he go hard!! dont let Hater fase you Torion!!1 Kepp doin watchew do best!! 🙂


  9. Ak Says:

    Man fuck these haters. This lil nigga is doin good! i be rockin to this track in class. hahaha. stay up lil nigga. you’ll make it.


  10. Richie Says:

    Go easy on him. He’s only 13
    and hes signed. But it is kinda stupid 4 Guda and jae millz and them not to have an album by now (no offense) i wanna hear what they got


  11. Khleo Says:

    this kid got talent…i hope his voice is still good when he grows up


  12. Ne.oh Says:

    Luk i aint got beef wit thz kid m 15 nd i rap nd 13 is a gud age coz hz gnin far


  13. PrincessGorgeous Says:

    Omg every time there is a new singer people wanna hate but once every one start lovin him and he blow up big then everyone like him…..Stop Hatin!!!!


  14. misscarter!!!! Says:

    Torion is a great singer and he is going to make it big so all u haterz can shut the hell up wit yall corney asses


  15. PrincessGorgeous Says:

    Girl You Can’t Speak correctly^^you sound retard but anyway I Love Torion Haters Stop Hatin cause you only making him more famoUss:)


  16. Nice_girl Says:

    Bay I know your going to make it big in a few years take it from me your geting your revenge early Im 12 and trust me I already know mess is going to get harder before it gets better just keep your head up.
    Love Acey



  1. Video: Torion Performs “I Know They Say” In Georgia | Young Money HQ - November 28, 2011

    […] the video above, you can watch Torion perform his “Marvin’s Room” remix, “I Know They Say“, off his The Initiation Vol. 1 mixtape at Eddie’s Attic in Decatur, Georgia. Share […]

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