Happy Birthday To T-Streets

September 13, 2011 by Danny M


Happy Birthday To T-Streets

Today (September 13) happens to be T-Streets‘ birthday! Everyone at LilWayneHQ.com and YoungMoneyHQ.com would just like to say a big Happy Birthday to Streets and hope he has a great day!

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10 Responses to “Happy Birthday To T-Streets”

  1. shohid Says:

    fuck you tstreetz…..waynes a beast he jus got you cause u his friend.


  2. Yustafeener Says:

    ^^^ hella fukkd up.. T streets does his work too yuh know! happy bday to t Streets! Gohard Around Here!


  3. YoungGod Says:

    happy bday Tstreets


  4. Jonas Says:

    Happy BDay Man


  5. dd45 Says:

    Happy B-day Streetz….Nice mixtape bruh…good doing ya thing


  6. Name (required) Says:

    to shohid fuck u u make a real nigga smack happy birthday to my nigga t streets doin your thing fuck them hating as niggas while they hatin u making money and nice mixtape


  7. Lil K Says:

    Happy Birthday !!! 😉


  8. Dipsuil the Hood Fella Yungsta Says:

    To shohid ,Nigga thuts som bulshit u sayin bout Tee ,middle finger to wotever u sayin .to mi niGGa Tee celebrate yo bdea the way u wanna foget bout this Lame ass biaaatch nigg* bein LouD moutH he aint Sh**t


  9. rugga Says:

    x them niccaz streets they hatein cause they want to be next to tune.happy birthday young.


  10. rugga Says:

    happy b.day streets


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