Torion – The Initiation Vol. 1 [Mixtape]

September 28, 2011 by Danny M


Torion The Initiation Vol 1 Mixtape Download

Here, you can download the debut mixtape from the latest Young Money artist, Torion, which is called The Initiation Volume 1. The tape consists of 9 tracks, including a song dedicated to Nicki Minaj! You can view the back cover with the tracklist on after the jump below.

Download: Torion – The Initiation Vol. 1 [Mixtape]

Torion The Initiation Vol 1 Mixtape Download

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17 Responses to “Torion – The Initiation Vol. 1 [Mixtape]”

  1. DanYMCMB4ever Says:

    Man, i’m not a hater, but i get mad when artists just put out stuff just to put out!!..sounds so gay, be orignial…and esp when u take hit records and u go lame on them!!! dont ruin your own reputation.


  2. Name (required) Says:

    hes only wat 13 or 14 somethin lyk that dnt be a fucken hater!!


  3. YM_DANNY Says:

    This is where great artist are born. He’s only going to get better over the years because he’s with young money. The best artists are here to help him become great in the coming years!


  4. lilweezyfan1 Says:

    finally its here 🙂 its pretty good 🙂 i like it. he just needs to work more hard. keep up the good work man. and ymcmb 🙂


  5. Mthandeni Says:

    This kid is the future …. I hope he’ll try to emulate Chris Brown, do some hard dancing on his performances. I’d also love to see him do a collab with the likes of Bieber, and even Chris himself … He got a great voice dou …He must jst try to be more original and bring forward his natural flavour …


  6. drizzy drake Says:

    juss needs his voice to mature a little more and he got it…i like what he got so far..keep doin whatchu do…yee OVOXO


  7. Helen Bud Says:

    he is good don’t understand why people hating hope off his d**k


  8. IlovePeePee Says:

    Torion is a faggot who loves cock in his ass whole he will never be good my farts sound better than this mixtape


  9. yung C moore Says:

    yoh h8’s..Torion is young…he’s da future…YMCMB…You got lil wayne the best rapper alive…drake…u hv a great voice but you needs coaching…adawise kip it up…


  10. Redward Says:

    I hope HE DOESN’T BECOME A CHRIS “BEAT-HER-DOWN”! Chris brown is whack as fuck, dude lost even more respect putting his hands on a woman like that! No matter what NO MAN SHOULD EVER TOUCH A WOMAN WITH A FIST! Punk pussy, fight a real man bitch! People get better with age and training, if dude is decent and he hasn’t been touched then he’s only going to get better with training. My god you people are so fuckin IGNORANT! get some education instead of smoking weed all fuckin day.


  11. Sir Caston Says:

    the future looks bright. what more can i ask for? young money forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amen


  12. Jonah Says:

    Not cool! i mean this kids cool but im 14 and i wanna be on ym too,,, just jealous now… check me out and tell me what you think thanks


  13. B.A.D Says:

    im a serious rapper and wanna be signed by young money but my chances are pretty damn slim. by the way just in case you go to my site it needs serious work



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