Video: Drake Speaks On Being Labeled As “Emo”

October 18, 2011 by Danny M


“If I worried about how I’m gonna look saying this, then I wouldn’t make half the music I make,” Drizzy told MTV News. “People nitpick at me for being emotional or tapping into emotions, but like, man, we all die one day; that’s just how I want to be remembered.”

“The running commentary or the jokes don’t really affect me, ’cause that’s what I’m going for,” he said. “I don’t want to be a guy that blends in with all the other generic rap music. I want to be the guy that stood out and pinpointed life emotions for women, men, young people, old people or whatever it is. So I don’t trip, that’s what I want. I welcome it.”


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6 Responses to “Video: Drake Speaks On Being Labeled As “Emo””

  1. kieran Says:

    Drake a pussy


  2. ignorant fuck Says:

    You a pussy. Is your mom n pops dead yet? Your siblings dead yet? .kieran. you a ignorant fuck.
    Thats real talk. We all gonna die one day. Damn i dont understand why yall dumb. He being real. Hating ass people haha


  3. lilweezyfan1 Says:

    take care 🙂 drake is awesome 🙂 ymcmb 🙂


  4. mela-g Says:

    Drake is awesome!! And drake is unique!! His music is meaning full and a lot of people can relate to it ,the image of many rappers are “gangster” , but drake n lilwayne n the young money crew take it to a level of being “gangster” with class!! #hugefan 🙂


  5. Optimus Says:

    My fellow Scorpio drizzy, i understand u my dude

    get real deep


  6. lovable Says:

    Make that money Drake keep your head up.


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