Drake Gets Aaliyah Tattoo On His Back

December 26, 2011 by Danny M

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Drake Gets Aaliyah Tattoo On His Back

A few photos of Drake playing tennis with homies surfaced online last night, but one photo that stood out was a shot of Drizzy‘s back (no homo). As you can see above, it looks like Drake has got a tattoo of Aaliyah‘s face on his back. We all know Drizzy Drake is a big fan of Aaliyah, because he mentions her in songs and interviews, has portraits of her in his house, and even writes letters dedicated to her.

Drake Gets Aaliyah Tattoo On His Back

Spotted at DD

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12 Responses to “Drake Gets Aaliyah Tattoo On His Back”

  1. tunechi_quotes Says:

    Follow @tunechi_quotes on twitter!


  2. tunechi_quotes Says:

    Just kidding don’t follow me, I just want to touch on little boys booty holes.


  3. Renmaster Says:

    Why would boys touch your booty hole?


  4. YMCMB_Fan Says:

    Ummm…Why the hell did he do that, he doesn’t even fkin know her 0.o…i mean i get you wanna praise and remember somebody but like ummm…w/e its his body im done LOL.


  5. trouble Says:

    i bet the dude who tattooed drake was the same guy who drake threatened after tattooing drake on that girls forehead lol


  6. kid-problem Says:

    i know wayne not signing random niggas in shit but im 16 an i got talent….if someones reading this please listen to my new song i did to fat joe feat chris brown another round people really like it so please leave comments on it and likes….tell me what u think http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIGOZIkmkEE


  7. Marquise Drayton Says:

    I cant believe this shit an, i no u love & sample her but come on. The boss Weezy simply told u not 2 get a tattoo but u did & now it’s an Aaliyah one 2. Next thing, I’ll have u tattoo’d on my penis


  8. BIG sean Says:

    woah there ^


  9. DrizzyDrakeWife:* Says:

    LOL ^


  10. LilWeezyAnimal Says:

    welp there’s number two. In a few years he’s gonna have sleeves and his whole back covered


  11. Devontae Says:

    Yall stupid that jesus on his back smh!!!!



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