Video: Tyga Speaks On What He Did When Lil Wayne Was Released From Jail

December 30, 2011 by Danny M


Tyga explains to Vlad TV how to met up with Lil Wayne 5 years ago, what the first thing he did when Weezy got out of jail in November last year, what it is like when all of the Young Money members get together, and more.

T-Raw also names all of the artists signed to Young Mula, but he misses two names. Do you know who Tygaman missed out (this was before YM signed PJ Morton by the way)

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30 Responses to “Video: Tyga Speaks On What He Did When Lil Wayne Was Released From Jail”

  1. Ponte_Trucha Says:

    He forgot Gunz.


  2. Rusty Says:

    He left out Cory Gunz and Mack


  3. markus Says:

    He forgot birdman lmao !


  4. Danny M Says:

    Cory and Mack yes 🙂


  5. erik g Says:

    Tyga forgot millz and cory


  6. Lilduke1 Says:

    he forgot gunna,stunna,mack maine&&mystikal


  7. LaPorscha Dillard Says:

    He missed cory gunz


  8. kinGoVoXO Says:

    mack mizzle


  9. young wayne karoo Says:

    yo fam is tyga sippin syrup now?he always stratching his throat and shit


  10. Birdman Says:

    Bow Wow


  11. Nelo Says:

    woday is missing Militia Gang Cory Gunz and Mack Mizzle ! lol , Tyga bugging b .


  12. BOI Says:

    missed the president, MACK MAINE and Cory Gunz lol


  13. erika Says:

    birdman and bow wow is cash money duh.


  14. Ricky Says:

    Bow wow, Jae Millz, Cory Gunz, Mack Maine & Busta Rhymes


  15. 187JoshM187 Says:

    Ugh some of you guys are so slow, Birdman, Bow wow, Mystikal, and busta rhymes is in cash money NOT young money T___T.


  16. CM2 Says:

    Did he say chuckee?


  17. rans0m3 Says:

    he missed cory gunz mack maine, and isnt tpain on YM now?


  18. teonna Says:

    he forgot mack and gunz and bow wow busta ryhmes tpain and all them is not in YM people get it st8


  19. Paapa Says:

    Dhis nigga crazy he missed two.or the most important people in ymcmb period. Cory guns and mack maine


  20. qwerty Says:

    hey ppl stop naming ppl from cash money there is a difference


  21. YMCMB_Fan Says:

    Omg Cory always gettin left out man. but he like one of the best ones, THEY BETTAH RECOGNIZE HIS FKIN TALENT !! and he 4-got mack mane to.


  22. YMCMB=thabest Says:

    he left cory guns and mack maine out. but isn’t lucci lou signed to YM too?


  23. Tygamania Says:

    Vlad posts these videos like in portions, he dont post the whole thing at once, this couldve been before cory signed, but he did miss out Mack. Well it’s hard to remember everybody, its not like they see eachother everyday like a real fam.


  24. $omA Says:

    birdman is in CM you fools he forgot mack maine and cory gunz


  25. Mariealways Says:

    He actually forgot 3. He didnt say Shanell,Cory Gunz and Mack Maine.


  26. korteztateYMCMB Says:

    MACK MAINE and Cory Gunz in me Kortez follow @kortez68


  27. dman Says:

    Actually he did say Shannell and he missed GUNZ, MAINE, 2 CHAINZ and @tygamania, this couldn’t have been before GUNZ signed because he stated that they just signed TORION! LISTEN RETARDS!!


  28. Tygamania Says:

    Its not like I give a fuck he missed out a few people, not like the labels blowin up yet, only Nicki , Drake , Wayne and Tyga are tha most recognized on tha label.


  29. Shelby Starr Says:

    he missed cory gunz and mack maine (and i promise im posting this before reading other comments! lol) as soon as he was like “thats everyone i think” i was like uhhh no sir its not


  30. EDAßEAST Says:

    What about Porcelain Black? She is in YM.


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