Video: Birdman Speaks On Drake & Common Beef

January 10, 2012 by Danny M

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In the video above, Big Boy from Power 106 speaks to Birdman in Los Angeles about the Drake and Common beef.

After Common dropped this verse yesterday over Rick Ross’ “Stay Schemin’” track dissing Drizzy, I really do hope Drake goes and remixes one of Common‘s tracks and destroys his music career.

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28 Responses to “Video: Birdman Speaks On Drake & Common Beef”

  1. Curser Says:



  2. Luiseezy F. Crazy Says:



  3. NA5TY Says:

    Wtf u mean u hope drake destroys Commons career.. i doubt dat.. G.O.O.D. Music is way better than YMCMB period..


  4. im_ill Says:

    ^ but yet you on a ymcmb FANSITE. LMAOOOO


  5. aaron Says:

    i know right @ im_ill lmao but anyway ymcmb over anybody nigga


  6. chris Says:

    @na5ty sit yo dumb confused ass down nigga. this aint even no good music ymcmb beef its COMMON AND DRAKE OVER THAT HOE SERENNA or whoever you spell that shit lol


  7. Bompton Says:

    i respect birdman comment on this dumb shit. its not even a real hip hop beef cause common old ass in his feelings over a bitch! smh thats he shit if a nigga got yo hoe then let her go nigga. its just pussy damn


  8. los_504 Says:

    niggas better not sleep on drake as if he aint dope too. true common is nice on the mic but drizy is ust as nice. (MINUS THE SINGING) dude is nice with the word play


  9. robb Says:

    @los504 im thinking the same thang dawg people just riding commoon nuts cause he a vet and drake a rookie yet. smh but when you nice you nice idgaf how long you been in the game


  10. ovoxo Says:



  11. travis Says:

    this isnt beef its HIP HOP and both are really good emcee’s so lets see where it goes


  12. r u serious Says:

    all this over sum pussy doe?


  13. phil Says:

    its funny this nigga dissed drake just before his album dropped and right after i smell a publicity stunt. shame on u common


  14. derrick Says:

    @phil and @ruserious EXACTLY! lol


  15. drew_77 Says:

    birdman bout his fucking money lmaooo i dont blame him to not be bothred too much with this hoe shit.but he still loyal to his team at the end of it all .


  16. tasha Says:

    i agree with birdman ,he dont want people to think they need this type of attention to sell records(which is smart) so he’s not into it. but its really all on drake shoulders on what he wants to do. but i hot a strong feeling drake got a bullet in the chamber w/ common name on it


  17. Tygamania Says:

    Common would fuck over Drake’s life, tha fuck you talkin bout Danny?


  18. Breezy Says:

    “and destroys his (common) career” man drake couldnt kill commons career if he tried. I am a drake fan and a very little common fan but between da two common wins. Now if drake does make a common diss hes just gonna make a song wit a bunch of diss punchlines at common. And niggas are still gonna b like ” Oh shyt drake just killed common” wen he really didnt (and most likely cant)


  19. Jade Says:

    “I never hear the disses they tryna point out to me but its whatever if somebody wanna make it a thing”

    -Drake, Lord Knows


  20. TT Says:

    Hahaha yall niggas r funny n yall dnt kno who the fuk will win


  21. TT Says:

    Hahaha yall niggas r funny n yall dnt kno who the fuk will win. So jus stfu n get off the site talkin like yall know hip hop dumb bastards


  22. FUCKEMINEM Says:

    obvious common just wants beef to promote his WEAK SELLING ALBUM 60k in first week tzzz …


  23. YO Says:

    danny you are really over your head if you think drake is going to go in on common. DRAKE IS NOT LIKE THAT STOP IT


  24. dubzilla Says:

    driizzy is boss but common would destroy him lol juss sayin


  25. tune Says:

    Its very simple… Common is trying to boost his album sales cos he knows drake Is winning… He’s with the winning team»YMCMB… So all the fucking haters leaving comments here should just fuck off and go to common’s fansite that’s if he has one lol….. @jossywezzy on twitter #teamYMCMB all day everyday!!!


  26. GRIMMZ Says:

    First off all, all you people don’t know about HIP HOP is. this Generation sucks. of course Drakes gonna win cus of popularity. i bet all you people that listen to Young money cash money ignorant stupid rappers DON’T even know anything about Common or any REAL music and you all gona Hate on him cus you dont know shit about him. . i bet after a few listens to common you dont like it cus your used to all this drake type music shit. Cus A Majority of YOU all DON’T KNOW WHAT MUSIC IS! . and as for Common he wins! . . . to all you ignorant people. and fuck this website, they are all wack rappers and thats the thing all you hear are rappers.. Where the MC’s at? they are the True Hip-hop rappers.


  27. Mike Says:

    Um… Common is not a rap god. It’s all based on opinion and if you think Common is better you are a minority. I personally think drake is better but i ain’t gonna knock you down for your opinion.


  28. JonesBoi Says:

    Mane yo common will rip that nigga drake yo! Naw he aint no rap God or nunin but that nigga is a vet in the game and he is on a way different level then drake. Ian thatn nunin away from drake or nunin he nice but he on that nigga common level yet!


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