Tyga – Rack City (Remix) (Feat Wale, Fabolous, Young Jeezy, Meek Mill & T.I.) [DIRTY]

January 27, 2012 by Danny M

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Tyga Rack City Remix Feat Wale, Fabolous, Young Jeezy, Meek Mill & TI

Finally we get the official remix to Tyga‘s hit single “Rack City” off his forthcoming Careless World album. The remix, which has already been shot as a music video, includes a new verse from Tygaman! Also featured on this remix is Wale, Fabolous, Young Jeezy, Meek Mill and T.I., but personally I think T-Raw should of done a remix of this song with the YMCMB artists. Anyways, you can listen and download the track below, courtesy of Splash.

Download: Tyga – Rack City (Remix) (Feat Wale, Fabolous, Young Jeezy, Meek Mill & T.I.) [Dirty]

I will update this post when we get the mastered/dirty version tonight! Updated the link above with the dirty version!

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23 Responses to “Tyga – Rack City (Remix) (Feat Wale, Fabolous, Young Jeezy, Meek Mill & T.I.) [DIRTY]”

  1. ibc Says:

    Can’t say I agree with you Danny. What’s the point of collaborations only inside YMCMB? I’m glad he grabbed some hot rappers outside the label, shit’s dope.


  2. aaronc Says:

    ^^^^^ agree i like YM but this shits tight t.i. killed it


  3. Andrew Walden Says:

    I Like it the way it is Tyga new verse was fire js…TI had the second best, and they shoulda added wiz verse


  4. Evan Says:

    No one from young money is good enough to rap on this beat….tyga no what hes doing….ymcmb fucked him over on this song so why should anyone from the label be on this song….he pused this shit himself something a label is supposed to help u with


  5. Yours Truly Says:

    wha a Colabo HEAt


  6. Tygamania Says:

    “I be ahead of these niggaz, Last King guillotine.” LMAO.. Even tho Tyga could do even better, he be killin shit right now, gotta say Meek Mill n Tip tore that ho up tho. Didn’t really feel Jeezy, I was excpectin golden, but I already heard Wale, and Fabolous “Cause of death – Bars.” ha quality shit right here.


  7. SeanYM_24 Says:

    I hope Lil Wayne raps on this beat in Dedication 4!


  8. Boss3Milli. Says:

    I like it but that shit would have been better if it was wit wayne ,drake and nicki ….Y.M.


  9. young j Says:

    whens the video gonna come out to this


  10. shayne Says:

    I kinda agree, I rather had some of the the YMCMB artists on this track. It was pretty decent but nobody verse really stood out 2 me really. To be honest I rather listen to the original version than this. But it would of been interesting to see some of the YMCMB artist on this track, it would of been nice…….


  11. ant Says:

    @ Evan, what are you talking about. B4 u say stupid stuff out your mouth make sure you know what your talking about. In a interview he clearly stated that he was doing his own thing no matter what, he was grinding, he didn’t even expect this song to be as hot as it was, nobody fucked him over on anything, he was just doing him regardless. You must be one of them fake promoters in CA claiming you know him taking fans money lol


  12. adrianlouie Says:

    this trackk wreckkss bottom linee..


  13. weezythebest Says:

    jeezy went the hardest on this. love meek tho


  14. Evan Says:

    @Ant Really if he didn’t expect it to be hot why would invest his own money in the song, make a video, make lob city and a remix…. second what do u mean no fucked him over, his album was done a year ago and its still not out….tyga has so much potential and they dont #LetTheTygaOutOfTheCage. Last;y, im not from Ca and idk who the fuck ur claiming i am.


  15. Juan Says:

    Yo dis shit was tite meek had the shortest part but he snapped hard 🙂 Meek milly racked up racked out and i be countin money till i pass out best verse in dis hole song


  16. Derek Evan Says:

    Why is this song not available for sale anywhere??? I get almost all of my music from Itunes and when I look up Tyga on Itunes I can only find only find the original version of “Rack City”. Was the remix ever officially released for sale yet?


  17. Jim N Katami Says:

    This shit be fuckin sick but it kinda needed some ill YMCMB rapper(weezy,nicki or drake)to throw in some dope lines.
    #Tight shit en my kinda thang thou


  18. skyzthelimit Says:

    U niggas dnt kno wat the heck ur tlkin bout Nicki has gon down she should really go solo she’s doin better like that she’s hasn’t come out wid good shit since I am not a human being album drake is all really r&b and lol Wayne he’s still there but tyga did a raw ass desicion wid other rappers c’mon in I gotta say keep doin wat ur doin doug


  19. Billy Jess Says:

    love the song Rack City


  20. nani Says:

    love the song is so good


  21. sandra Says:

    Puerto Rico


  22. marshal Says:

    T.I fucked da beat as it woz suppose to be! Atl king killed dem oll…..


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