Cory Gunz Arrested For Gun Possession In The Bronx

January 29, 2012 by Danny M

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Cory Gunz Arrested For Gun Possession In The Bronx

Yesterday afternoon (January 28th), Cory Gunz was arrested for gun possession in the Bronx, New York City. Check out what Cory‘s dad, Peter Gunz, told MTV this morning:

“The details are still sketchy, but I can confirm that he was arrested with a firearm yesterday in the Bronx,” Gunz told MTV News. “They caught him around 2p.m. in the afternoon with a loaded gun in his knapsack. It was definitely an illegal search.”

Gunz was unable to disclose full details on the incident just yet, but he explained the events leading up to his son’s arrest. “I spoke to the arresting officer, and so far, what I’m hearing from him is that they got a phone call at the station saying they should ‘look out,’ ” Gunz said. “According to the officer, they didn’t know he was Cory Gunz. They just saw a bunch of kids following him around.

“What I will say is that the officer that arrested Cory, actually happened to be a cool dude,” Gunz continued. “After arresting Cory, sitting down with him and talking, he felt bad about the situation.”

The 24-year-old rapper was brought to the 43rd Precinct in the Bronx on Saturday, but officials there say he has since been transported to Central Booking, on E. 161st Street in the Bronx.

“At the end of the day, there’s a reason for everything, but at the same time, in New York, it’s mandatory jail time,” he said. “To go to a precinct and see your son, your junior, in handcuffs, it’s heartbreaking. Anytime you see your child in jail, in the cell, in handcuffs, it’s very hard. He’s walked down some of the same paths that I walked down, but you never want to see your kids go through what you went through.

“This is Cory’s first offense, but sometimes they like to make an example out of rappers and people with any kind of celebrity to them.”

Free Gunna

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24 Responses to “Cory Gunz Arrested For Gun Possession In The Bronx”

  1. Neezy Says:

    freee gunz bitches .weezy than now gunna .stay away from YMCMB


  2. Nuuzy Says:

    free gunz the just wanna separate young mula


  3. Leah Says:




  4. cleo Says:

    is mark battles signed to ym??? :O


  5. ju Says:

    freeeeeeeeeezeeeeeee gunzzzz.fuck police


  6. Yeah Says:

    ^ all of you are dumbasses

    make him pay for what he did, that dude doesnt need a gun, he now has to suffer the consequences for being stupid


  7. Xicano101 Says:

    ^ get the fuck of of this site.


  8. Yung Butch Says:



  9. dave Says:

    fuck off here bitch with that evil shit^^


  10. FUCK LUKE GAP Says:



  11. aaron Says:

    to the dumbass uptop that said he needs to “suffer for being stupid” go fuck your mother raw bitch. how is him PROTECTING HIMSELF ON THE STREETS IN THE HOOD STUPID ESP. WHEN HE PRETTY WELL KNOWN. its a bunch of jealous mothafuckas out in this world you gotta “protect ya neck” -wutang
    you a clown for that comment


  12. 187JoshM187 Says:

    “30k bail first offense….Stay out of jail young black men!!” – From cory gunz dad’s twitter


  13. Barry678weezyGUNNA Says:

    Fuck gunna niggaz he’s fake as shit. Saw him in providence shoulda got booed off stage same with cocksuckin weezy all ymcmb suck balls TAYLOR GANG OR DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  14. Barry678weezyGUNNA Says:

    Fuck all you sayin free gunna niggaz WHACK he gonna perpusley drop the soap. Hahaha. Weezy and his gay outfits get outta here HASBEEN YEA I SAID IT HAS BEEN fuck nicki too her new album gonna suck both her new singles absolutely garbage so yea TAYKOR GANG takin over the rap game wiz all day fuckin weezy cocksuckin fags hey birdman you are a fuckin Losa too old ass rappers ain’t even ever really held a gun or drugs in there life make the legends look bad fake ass rappers deuces…..(.)(.)


  15. strapped.......... Says:

    u seen what happen to slim dunkin..y not stay strapped?


  16. erika Says:

    leave ym alone then what nicki gonna get arressted


  17. Ntu2ko Says:

    free cory NOW


  18. Tygamania Says:

    Yo yall watch out we got a fake Taylor above me!! He found about Wiz Khalifa after black n yellow and thinks hes the best rapper alive!! he thinks Wiz is a straight up G you know, a thug. LMAO….. son get tha fuck outta here with that corny bullshit nigga, you aint a real fan of Wiz, like ion fuckin with most YMCMB but i dont go round talkin bout how much I hate them and dickride some nigga i found out about 2 days ago. You aint a real Wiz fan, and your a fail hater , so fuckin suck your mothers dick and get ready for school tomorrow fuckface. Free Cory tho, that nigga got alot of talent, he aint even begun to shine, he cant go to the fuckin pin yet…


  19. J Says:

    I’m a big fan, Gunna, The YM crew, hip-hop in general, but I don’t like this aspect. What’s the need to walk around strapped? Sure, there’s “danger in the hood” but this nigga can protect himself without a gun. He got the cash to hire people if he feels unsafe. He doesn’t even have to be riding in the hood. There’s just no need, same as Plax or any dumb ass nigga before him who carried a gun for no goddamn reason. So yeh, I agree with “Yeah” for saying he should pay the consequence for his mistake like any other person


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