Tyga Speaks On “Rack City”, Careless World & More With Karmaloop

January 30, 2012 by Danny M


Tyga Speaks On Rack City, Careless World & More With Karmaloop

Karmaloop recently chopped it up with Tyga on Saturday after his show in Worcester, Massachusetts. They talked about the “Rack City (Remix)“, his forthcoming Careless World album, his predictions for the 2012 XXL Freshman list, and more. Hit the jump to read the full interview!

Congratulations on “Rack City” hitting the top of the Billboards!

Thank you!

Just saw you purchased a fresh custom Rolls Royce convertible – how is just driving that bad boy around town, minus getting pulled over for some unpaid parking tickets?

You run around the city like the king! It took me a lot of hard work to get that.

Why did you choose the black on red?

It was the last red Phantom made – they only had made 15 of them and I got the last one. I wanted to keep the original paint [so] I just put the matte black on there.

You were just in Miami shooting a remix video for “Rack City,” how does it differ from the original video?

It is more of a performance-slash-remix video. It’s hard when you have a lot big artists, trying to get them all together at one time, so you just know we have to make it work and keep it creative.

You have Wale, Fabolous, Jeezy, T.I. and Meek Mill on the remix, why did you choose them to collab with and not 2 Chainz as expected?

I feel like they had the best verses; Wale, Fab and Jeezy, they already had did their verse before I reached out and I feel like they had the best verses from all the remixes that I heard. Then I just asked T.I. and Meek Mill to do a verse on it.

When will the video drop?

Hopefully this week! We are going to premiere it on MTV, probably end of this week.

I’m from Cleveland, so props for rocking an old school Cavaliers jersey in the first “Rack City” video – what made you pick that jersey?

I don’t know… I got a lot of jerseys so I just threw it on that day and you know…

That was great, the Cavs need a little love these days!


The release date for your second album, Careless World: Rise of the Last King, has changed a lot – can you finally confirm the official release date?

February 21st for sure!

When did you actually finish the album?

The album has been done for like a month and a half – I turned it in a month ago. I really think an album like this is due for me based off all my party mixtapes, and I got a lot of fans from when I did Black Thoughts and Black Thoughts 2, so the album is a mixture of both – it’s a really good album!

You tell a story throughout the album, can you tell us about the hardest obstacle you’ve had to overcome?

I think the biggest obstacle is once you get in the door, continue to keep your hunger and stay in the door. I think a lot of people work hard to get up to a point and they just forgot and leave all the fans that supported them to that point. It’s always important to keep those fans and stay consistent.

It was just announced Nas is going to be on the album – who reached out to who?

There was another track that I had I sent to him about seven months ago and he never got back… it ended up leaking so I didn’t use it. But there was another song I did called “Kings and Queens,” and he actually hit me up right before I was going to turn in the album.

How was that conversation?

He was like “congratulations on everything, I want to be a part of your next project if you got something.” So that is when I sent him the “Kings and Queens” joint with Wale and I on it and it’s just a classic. People are going to love that song when they hear it.

Do you have any rising artists set for features your album, or is that staying secret?

There is a lot of new talent, you know… so yeah, I am really excited about all the collaborations I have on my album especially.

What upcoming artists do you think will make 2012 XXL Freshman this year?

Hmmm… I don’t really know, but as far as the new people doing their thing I would say of course 2 Chainz, A$AP Rocky and Kendrick Lamar, but he was already on it before… I think.

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