Tyga’s “Careless World” Album In Stores Now!

February 21, 2012 by Danny M

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Tyga Careless World Album In Stores Now

Today, Tyga‘s Careless World: Rise Of The Last King album is available worldwide! Please support T-Raw by purchasing a copy (or more) from your local music store, iTunes, or Amazon.

Let me know your thoughts on Careless World and your first week sales predictions in the comments section below.

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41 Responses to “Tyga’s “Careless World” Album In Stores Now!”

  1. Mac Junior Says:

    T-Raww cant wait to hear this, gonna be tygas hottest disc ever


  2. Neezy Says:

    i hope he make a 300k in first week


  3. FUCK HATTER Says:

    fuck thoes hatters because hatting dont get you no where


  4. Zack Says:

    Hope he sells at least a milli


  5. ibc Says:

    The album is better than both Take Care and C4, I’m not joking. Almost flawless.

    I hope for like 400 – 450k first week.


  6. gabrielle :) Says:

    I’d say 475k 🙂 i loveeee it . cant stop listening to it since it leaked and i just got my copy 🙂


  7. YoMama! Says:

    Shit got fukkin rekalled not even in stores! Pissed


  8. Dillon Says:

    Anything tyga does is good, he doesn’t do anything half hearted, so I hope people go out and support him, and I can see him opening with like 300k up…


  9. Salar Says:

    i think it was a awsome album BUT i think it missed the whole RAAAW thing, my picture of tyga is more the “well done” type, not 18/21 love tracks


  10. lisa Says:

    I’m very upset i went to go buy the tyga careless world album only to find out it was recalled and i have been waiting months for this album to come. Out why was it recalled!


  11. Denis Says:

    Give us a sign Tyga coz i’m with you, are u with us ?


  12. Tygamania Says:

    Alot of stores recalled it so they gonna hurt the sales, it would’ve done like 200k+ first week, and people are already saying its sold out at places, probably because they are not allowed to sell them copies, very bad marketing from the YMCMB side, they should’ve been one step ahead about the MLK speech. But its still going platinum before 2013 hopefully lol.


  13. jonnyfaceoff Says:

    yea he ain’t gon sell that much because a lot of the major stores pulled it which is fucked up, u can still get it on iTunes tho. The whole album dope as fuck


  14. Rhys Tanner Says:

    I estimate around 400,000 to 500,000 first week sales! 😀


  15. hero Says:

    Ok I heard the album & I will buy heck maybe more than one. And I want tyga to do great but you know people aren’t gonna give this album a chance. Because tyga isn’t a big known artist. But fuck it Careless world best album yet T-raww


  16. DanYMCMB4ever Says:

    Damn this album is the shit, way better than i expected to be honest. Cope that shit!!


  17. mitchgomm Says:

    The album leaked last week its pretty tight but the beat for mothafuckin up is annoying lol


  18. Tygamania Says:

    ^ Exactly my thoughts.

    People who are saying it will sell more than 200k are mad lol Pink Friday didnt even sell 400k in first week right? You can’t expect Tyga to do better with only hype from Rack City, which was bad for an album song, ok for a mixtape song, and alot of dudes hated it.


  19. jujubaby Says:

    were did u get the leaked album



    Well first let me start with i pre-ordered the album and they didn’t release it because they said he used a Martin Luther king Jr. clip and it wasn’t approved, and i couldn’t find the album anywhere because of the push back. But i bought the iTunes digital version and i must say the album is freaking sick its gonna be one of the hottest albums of the year and i predict that his sells the first week will be that he will hit the 500k mark YMCMB LAST KINGS WE WINNING!






    Man this album is freaking fire good work T-RAW i cant get over how sick this album is, and when i’ts another YMCMB artist turn to drop a good album i’m gonna support them and buy there album just as i did LIL WAYNES, DRAKES , AND NICKI MINAJS and BIRDMANS are droppin real soon so i gotta buy there album cause he’s the CEO and NICKIS the Female WEEZY. #LASTKINGS YMCMB we winning!



    Also all these albums and mixtapes bcause i’m YMCMB for life and its just a family YMCMB tradition lol!
    Tyga – Careless World: Rise of the Last King [Feb. 21]
    Lil Twist – Don’t Get It Twisted [June 21]
    Nicki Minaj – Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded [April 3]
    Bow Wow – Underrated [March]
    Birdman & Lil Wayne – Like Father, Like Son 2: Tha Last Mob [Coming Soon]
    Lil Wayne – I Am Not A Human Being 2 / I Can’t Feel My Face (With Juelz Santana) / Rebirth 2 [Coming Soon]
    Birdman – Bigger Than Life [Coming Soon]
    Drake & Rick Ross – Y.O.L.O. [Coming Soon]
    Dj Khaled – Kiss The Ring [Coming Soon]
    Birdman & Rick Ross – The H [Coming Soon]


  24. Reenfdawg Says:

    What happened to that song that he ustreamed? It was called like joy and pain ft Chris Richardson . I liked that song


  25. paul Says:

    id say between 150k-200k, he has a shitload of fans but he needed a bigger buzz if he wanted to sell atleast 300k first week.


  26. Mj Says:

    Lol at the album getting bagged for the Martin luther sample lmao that gonna hurt sales badly. If drake can manage to clear out every sample on the album, which was Like every other track , tyga could have especially with the amount of time he had. Shouldve pushed the album back a week or two atleast would be doing numbers. Shit, cashmoney pushes albums back for no reason, but when you actually need more time to clear out samples they throw the album at you. I’m only saying this because that problem will probably reduce his sales by atleast 50%.

    Tyga, you were too busy making shit mixtapes, shit videos, promoting your shit artist on your shit label to pay attention to your album. You have been talking about careless world for the last year and a half, and when the big day finally comes, you fck it up

    Dont get me wrong the album is solid, but I only see it doing 70 000


  27. alex Says:

    the reason it was recalled is because on the song careless world there is a MLK speech on it evidently the stores didn’t think it was right


  28. Swaggy Says:

    this shit got recalled!!!!
    tyga is fucked boy thats some straight BULLSHIT


  29. Amsterdam Productions Says:

    400.000 to 600.000 copies easily


  30. Robin Says:

    love the album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  31. W Says:

    @MJ You literally took the words out of my mouth except for the part where the mixtapes were “shit.”

    I think the mixtapes were absolutely way too mediocre, especially considering how competitive this era is. You look at the blue print of Drake’s and Wiz’s career and that tells you how important it is to have a legit mixtape.

    Tyga has a pretty good buzz right now and his album was pushed back multiple times in the past because his buzz wasn’t strong enough.

    I personally thought the Martin Luther King’s sample was a blessing in disguise at first, telling Tyga to open his eyes and get a clue: push the album back.

    The album should be released at the pinnacle of his career where maximum potential can be achieved. As of right now, he is far from that.

    He didn’t clear the Martin Luther King samples and has the balls to tweet that people don’t want to see him succeed? Are you serious right now Tyga? Your team didn’t ensure that all samples were cleared. Simple as that. Going off tangent, Nicki Minaj’s “Stupid Hoe” single was a huge flop. It’s mistakes like these that irritate fans.

    Tyga better be in the studio right now working on some legit bonus songs for the album because I can tell you right now if he doesn’t, he’s going to end up like Jay Sean: not striking the iron when it was hot (warm in this case….).

    It’s so clear the usage of “green screen” (in music videos) is to simply save money because Birdman is unable to manage egos.

    An artist needs at least 3 legitimate videos followed up by 1 or 2 after the album is released and they have presented themselves with their own predicament by signing too many artists. If every YMCMB artist has 5 videos, it hurts the profit so what do they do? Green screen the shit out of their videos and hopefully their young money artists will fall for it and use green screen for their videos in an arttempt for money saving efforts because they have too many artists at hand. The whole world can see through this idea like water. If Lil Wayne loved green screen so much why didn’t he do it for any of his videos for Carter 4? That’s right fucking hypocrite so don’t green screen Jay Sean’s Hit the Lights video either.

    Fucking pathetic you say you care for your fans but these mistakes and cover ups are so disrespectful. You green screen Jay Sean’s video. You guys let Jay Sean go in an R&B direction when it is CLEARLY dead. You released Tygas album too early, fuck up Stupid Hoe and wasted money filming that terrible music video that you’re trying to helplessly save so you can film more green screen shit.

    Get a clue you guys love to take credit for Lil Wayne, Drake’s, and Nicki’s career but refuse to accept accountability when you fuck up Tyga’s and Jay’s career.

    Im so fucking mad i keep losing my train of thought but it won’t even matter because Young Money only knows how to say “We love our fans.” Show by example, not words. Absolutely fucking pathetic.


  32. YMWeezYCashMoneyFBabyB Says:



  33. Trevon Says:

    best album i heard in a while. wont hit a milli/wk tho becuz he’s not popular enough.. & hes not wayne


  34. madashell Says:

    I went to the hoodest target (cincy) and it was NOTHING THERE!!! okay man guess I’ll go to Best Buy tomor lol


  35. Steedy Says:

    Man it’s his first album, and its almost flawless! I bet you more than 750k 🙂


  36. Tygamania Says:

    Its pulled out of most stores , even though he said he got that issue for the sample resolved.

    He would’ve done like 200k, but now hes gonna do no more than 100k real talk.


  37. DanYMCMB4ever Says:

    SOOOO good, go cope it!!!


  38. AdamDublin Says:

    What the hell , i still cant buy it in ireland , im actually annoyed at this stage !


  39. Joey Says:

    currently pulled from the stores.. but you can download the full album for free here 😉





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