Tyga Speaks On Lil Wayne Tattooing His Face & More

February 22, 2012 by Danny M


Tyga Interviews With AllHipHop & GlobalGrind

GlobalGrind recently sat down to speak with Tyga about his Careless World album, tattoos, being a big fan of candy, what kind of girls T-Raw likes, friends with benefits, and more. Hit the jump to read the interview, as well as Tygaman‘s interview with AllHipHop at a listening session in California.

GlobalGrind: How many tattoos do you have?
Tyga: I have a lot of tattoos. I probably have over 100 tattoos. I don’t know. It’s just a mural…a collage.

What was your very first tattoo?
I got my mom’s name on my neck. That was my first one. I told her I was going to get it and she didn’t believe me. She was mad but at the same time her friends were around, so she wasn’t too mad and ’cause they was like ‘Aw that’s so sweet,’ so she was happy sad. But it’s all good now.

What does she think about them all now?
She doesn’t really judge me. She’s seen what I did and how far I took music. She is just happy that I really made it my reality. Because all the times I recorded in the house, I was like 13. I would stay up all night recording in my room, she used to hate it. But she sees my vision now.

Your song “Still Got It” with Drake, there’s a part you were rapping about “friends with benefits.” Has there ever been a time where you wanted to take your friends with benefits situation to the next level and she was like nah?
Nah, that never happened. It’s always the opposite.

Yeah, girls seem like they can’t handle it.
It’s always the opposite. That’s real rock star life type stuff. And that’s how my life is too. For somebody who doesn’t live that life, it might throw them off a little bit, like what you mean? But it’s all good. We just young, trying to have fun.

Do you have any celebrity crushes? Anybody you been peeping on the blogs, in the media?
Nah, nobody really catching my eye like that man. Not really.

What kind of girls do you like?
I don’t think there is a certain type of girl that I like. What you like is what you like. But I don’t think nobody’s really catching my eye like that. I’m just focused right now. There are a lot of pretty girls, eye candy out there. I still think Cassie is the baddest, the prettiest to me. But that’s my home girl, plus that’s Diddy’s girl. I like Cassie … she’s cool.

Can you tell us what most people don’t know about you?
A lot of my fans know that I love candy. I eat candy all day.

What’s your favorite candy?
Sour Patch, Swedish Fish. I love candy man. I can’t go without candy. And when I’m recording I always have a TV on with cartoons, on mute though. When I’m recording I like to look at the TV now and then and see some crazy, wacky stuff. When you’re thinking creative, it just keeps you creative. Everybody got their way of making music.

So yours involves candy and cartoons?
Candy and cartoons, on mute though just for the visual.

Is there anything else you want to tell your fans?
The album will be out. It’s real important to me, so if you support team Tyga and Last Kings, team YMCMB, make sure you support that. I think they know my Twitter @TYGA. It’s another twitter out there TygaYMCMB; that’s not my page. But, they be saying a lot of quotes all day. I know they have like 300,000 followers or something, but it’s not me though. People always like, why Tyga always tweeting this sensitive stuff? I think it’s a girl.

Tyga also spoke with AllHipHop about remixing his own “Rack City” track to make “Lob City“, Lil Wayne tattooing his face, getting Nas on his album, and more. You can read the interview below:

AllHipHop: You remade your popular “Rack City” song for The Clippers and called it “Lob City.” How did that come about?
Tyga: Chris Paul hit me up and told me that the team practiced to “Rack City.” I decided to do “Lob City” based on all of the hype that they were receiving. I’ve been a Chris Paul fan for a long time.

You’re still down with the Lakers too, right?
Yeah, this is Los Angeles. Although I really think that they should not have traded Lamar Odom. To me, the team has gotten boring. I’m a big Kobe fan, but I feel like it’s just not the same anymore.

Let’s talk about your many tattoos. Someone told me earlier that Lil Wayne put one of them on you?
Oh, yeah, that was like 4 years ago.

You trust Wayne with a tattoo needle? [laughter]
It was just a few dots on the face. You can’t really mess that up [laughter].

In 2008, there were a lot of other New West artists that had a nice buzz going, but it seemed like you just came out of nowhere at that time.
I’ve been consistent since then. Maybe a lot of fans who were more in to the commercial than underground, feel like I came out of nowhere with “Rack City.” My fanbase has been there, and I think that’s another reason why “Rack City” is so big. Everything I do now is more impactful, because I’ve built such a good fanbase.

Why did you chose Careless World for the album title? And what else do you have on the horizon?
I wanted to do a theme album – something that relates to the world in my own words. I have the Careless World tour starting on February 21. We are doing that for about two and a half months here in the States, and then we’re going to take it overseas.

You’ve got Nas on this record – a Hip-Hop legend! How did you land that feature?
I sent him a record about seven months prior to the “Kings and Queens” song. He never got back to me. One day, he just called me out of the blue and congratulated me on my success and asked if I had anything that he wanted to send to him. So I sent him the “Kings and Queens” song that night, and he sent it back the next day. Shout out to Nas – that shit is crazy.

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