Tyga’s First Week Album Sales For “Careless World” Are In!

February 29, 2012 by Danny M

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Tyga First Week Album Sales For Careless World Are In

Tyga‘s Careless World: Rise Of The Last King album, which was released last Tuesday (February 21st), has debuted at #4 on the Billboard 200 chart selling around 61,000 copies. Obviously the album getting recalled from stores because of a sample-clearance issue was a big fuck-up for the first week numbers, but I’m sure the numbers will increase now that the album can be found in most stores across America.

Another problem for the numbers is that us Europe fans can’t buy the album in any store and it is only being released on March 12th via online sites, such as Amazon etc. Anyways if you haven’t already, go and cop T-Raw‘s Careless World album from your local store or iTunes today!

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20 Responses to “Tyga’s First Week Album Sales For “Careless World” Are In!”

  1. Leonthemartian Says:



  2. DOPE Says:

    Can’t lie, this album is way better than I expected!


  3. WHITE POWER Says:



  4. #RAY Says:

    Man Tyga I still respect you.
    Great album, you made us fans real proud!


  5. humairrr Says:

    Fucking assholes… I’m sure Tyga could’ve done 100K+ easily!!

    And the album was fucking FANTASTIC


  6. D-lop Says:

    Yeah….if not for that limited release im sure he woulda done much better.
    This album is quite good…not GREAT, but it’s definitely VERY GOOD. I love it, I’ve been a fan of Tyga since hearing his verse on the remix of Arms Race lol. He’s grown to be a serious upper tier rapper, witch a flow that is unique and unorthodox and his….i call it his Waterfall Flow


  7. dilen Says:

    that pic looks like lil waynes pic for the carter 2


  8. hailee j Says:

    nice. congrats LK all day


  9. Dennis kahiga Says:

    Tyga is going to be the real man in rapping game,am guite sure. let him take floor en flow like never before!!


  10. Lucci_Mania Says:

    Its funny how drake and nikki blew up so fast , but Tyga didnt
    I think Illuminati had something to do wit that !
    I hope tyga doesnt join that shit !


    • ricoothasavage Says:

      i heard ppl telling me that drake was in the illumninati but i don’t think he is ik nicki minaj is up in it bc she blew up in a heartbeat and is footage of her doing satanic symbolisms but i don’t tink drake up in it i hope hes not and tygas a good rapper who is underrated


  11. Lucci_Mania is a dumbass Says:

    ^Shut the fuck up. You’re one of the faggots that think everything is Illuminati! Tyga actually did blow up fast. Dumb black and ugly bitch!


  12. ICE T Says:



  13. drew_77 Says:

    MLK daughter blocked his album from being in stores that ugly dirty bitch all over a sample clearance! but i heard they’re gonna RE-RELEASE it in stores this week to add up his numbers again


  14. d-raww Says:

    That’s bullshit he should go platinum after a month or So.. last king killin shit I bought 2 copies to show support tyga


  15. nastyn Says:

    still good numbers


  16. Huh? Says:

    ^huh??gudd numberz??ar u f’n high?!

    And 0h…@lucci_mania…you’re a fuckn stupid,niave,dumb ass idiot! SMH


  17. AishThaks Says:

    Best Album of 2012


  18. HeNnEsSy Says:

    Damm Bitch hahh (Lucci Mania), it soundss datt u havv lotss of haterss all readyy, hah well heree, im 1 of demm 2!! !st all of bitchh shutt daa fuckk up, bitchh. Nikki aintt shitt, now fucknn HONEY COCIAANE is… so keepp ur mouthh shutt!!! Hahh illuminati, Hahh ma ass, bitchh>> Mann u fucknn soundd likee a fucknn haterr, waitt i bett u aree… GETT A LIFEE YOOOOOO………


  19. ym Says:

    This album was garbage im surprise he sold any. it was a big let down for cuz im a fan. the best thing bout this album was the name. First album was a comlete fail.


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