Nicki Minaj “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded” Deluxe Album Cover

March 8, 2012 by Danny M

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Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Roman Reloaded Deluxe Album Cover

Nicki Minaj previously showed us the standard version front cover for her forthcoming album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, due to drop on April 3rd. Now the Young Money Barbie releases the artwork for the deluxe edition, which will contain a total of 22 songs.

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17 Responses to “Nicki Minaj “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded” Deluxe Album Cover”

  1. Derikah Says:

    This doesn’t look like her. She looks white.


  2. That Kid Says:

    Why is one boob white.? Lmao


  3. dg Says:

    quit staring at my women:) that’s my job.


  4. Matheo22 Says:

    Almost show her boobs


  5. woodzy Says:

    Where can I find some footage from this topless photoshoot danny ??



  6. Daank Says:

    Just like wayne started skating to sellout to the young white kid.. Nicki paints her self to look like she’s white to sellout to this little white girls.

    And before you start flaming.. im not hating. I love both of them and their music just not them selling out haha.


  7. dg Says:

    no, correction you are hating.


  8. ImARealist Says:

    I dont believe in that illuminati shit, but why the hell are they all doing that fucking all seeing eye thing ?


  9. ♥Nicki♥ Says:

    @Derikah i agree with you…But idc i just want the album already! i wish the other cover was the deluxe cover.


  10. mukenyi Says:

    doesnt she look so unlike her……really big eyes….i wish she was the nicki we usually…she looks horrible in this pic……i love her, but this isnt the best pic we can get frm her


  11. steph Says:


    hahahaha what the fuck are u talking about?
    im white and i’ve been listening to nicki since she started.
    All my white and black friends have been a fan of her since she started. and now your saying we whites only like her because shes trying to be white? you fucking stupid hoe. Shes not even trying.
    And wayne, you think he skates just so white kids will like him? Ive been a fan of him 2 since The Carter and i’ve always loved him, just like my other black & white friends.
    hes fucking skating because he loves it, its a fucking hobby.

    haha youre so fucking dumb.

    sorry for bad english, but im norwegian


  12. Lil rock Says:

    dat looks terrible. i mean the title is called roman relodad look roman and fukin relodad……niki u fukin up


    • J Says:

      If only you could write properly… Did you go to school?


  13. Mj Says:

    When can we expect a tracklist


  14. Danikaa Says:

    I like the other album cover better but I still love this one too, I want to know the deluxe track list too see if it’s worth getting the ordinary or the deluxe, I love nickiiii,x


  15. daank Says:

    to Steph

    I did not say all white people. I am white too and a man. I said little white girls (namely 8-15) when she used to gangster rap when she started off. Id say thats selling out but I gues norwegians dont understand how we use that term.

    And once again you got me wrong with what I said about Wayne. I said to market to the young white kid and meant to say skater not kid.

    Compare the lyircs of starships to any song pre-pink friday and google what an american means by the term sell-out.



  16. Joshua Finch Says:

    I reckon she looks a bit cool in this photo! And one of her boobs ain’t white, thats a braa if u can’t notice!


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