Tyga Speaks On The Omaha Shooting Incident

March 22, 2012 by Danny M


In the video above, Tyga speaks to Yesi Ortiz from Power 106 over the phone about the shooting incident involving his entourage and Honey Cocaine getting shot that happened in Omaha, Nebraska 3 days ago. T-Raw says the people who were throwing garbage on stage at him were just mad because he wouldn’t let them be an opening act.

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14 Responses to “Tyga Speaks On The Omaha Shooting Incident”

  1. T-Raw Says:

    That is some crazy s#%*. stay up! LAST KINGS!!
    So.when is.colorado concert ??


  2. Fgahah Says:

    All mouth and no action

    Tyga a bitch, fuck this nigga

    Im burning my LK shit tonight this nigge dont deserve no more money


  3. Ink Ent Says:

    Tyga is on the real thou people be hating he didnt let you open for him he aint changin rules for you and he aint goin first fight somebody with a gun damn sum ppl be ignorant


  4. meansunlare Says:

    Yo Fgahah or whatever your name is you sound ignorant as fuck right there and thats just being real. Support your argument please id KILL to hear this… smh


  5. meansunlare Says:

    and im pretty sure you just wouldnt tell tyga that shit to his face. Nothing worse than an internet gangster smh. At least the morons that caused this actually shot at tyga in real life then ran no one can even see your face so you just hide behind that. kmt.


  6. H*A*M Says:

    Yo Tyga. When u gonna do Well Done 3?


  7. k1d_Mac Says:

    Thats shit aint for what buddy did, Tyga was bout to beat his ass lol


  8. k1d_Mac Says:

    Well Done 3 (Fatality) need to drop already


  9. Annie Says:

    This is crazy!!!! I hope you don’t judge Omaha by these crazy ppl…. I hope you come back!!!!!


  10. WeezyKB24 Says:

    He just dropped an album, and isn’t even close to being done promoting it yet. Smh @ people asking for Well Done 3.


  11. YMCMB soilder 92782 Says:

    Tyga’s still the shit and it will stay like that.Young money’s got his back and make well done 3


  12. just mee Says:

    we barely get good artists to come through omaha as it is. thanks to these assholes i bet no one will come back now. don’t let them define omaha.


  13. D-Raw Says:

    These muthafuckas hatin on tyga is somelittle ass bitches and need to stopp tyga got more money than all yall muthafuckas on life doe so yall need to stop acting like some little ass babys give TYGA some fuckin credit yall cant rap lile him but yall wanna be like him but dont like him! Yall muthafuckas is stupid so yall need to shut the fuck up lil bitches.



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