New Updates On

April 30, 2012 by Danny M


New Updates On

Wassup Young Moneyians, I am just letting you know about the new updates here on As you have all probably noticed, there is a new design on the site. I think we could all agree it was time for a change. Apart from the design, I have also added plenty of useful information for the new artists signed to the label including Flow, PJ Morton and Christina Milian. Be sure to check out these as well as the other YM member pages as there is a complete new biography, discography and videography for each of them. There are a few other little things I have added to the site that you may notice when browsing, but those are the main updates that I just mentioned. I got to give a little shout out to a guy named Arslan Shabbir for helping me with the biographies too.

I recently set up a new Facebook page for YMHQ, which you can like here! This page will be used for all updates on Young Mula, instead of using the Facebook page.

So there you go! There have been plenty of sleepless nights for me while upgrading this site so I hope you are all happy with it. If you come across any mistakes with the information on YMHQ, or any errors with the new design, then please let me know by either leaving a comment on this post or emailing me here. I will be sure to fix anything as soon as I can.

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20 Responses to “New Updates On”

  1. yungassnigga Says:

    and the site doesnt take forever to load now!!! fuckin finally -.-


  2. Layerz Says:

    Good job Danny, looks great!


  3. WeezyKB24 Says:

    Thanks homie.

    Under the affiliated members section you should add Term.


  4. Whatever... Says:

    New site is dope!


  5. awc Says:

    Appreciate ya’ll ….YMCMB or Nothing


  6. T-Rawww Says:

    Who the fuck is Term? He aint YM


    • WeezyKB24 Says:

      Are you fucking dumb? He’s the one who brought Capo into the bloods, which is why Wayne started reppin’… He’s with the Interstate Boyz and way tight w/ Wayne. He’s one of the most respected members of the gang. From Compton but lives in New Orleans now.

      Wayne shouts him out in a bunch of songs – most recent was Hands Up. If you follow him on twitter he always says he’s just got off the phone wit Wayne and tells him to keep “representin”


  7. lam Says:

    looks great !!!! thanks


  8. ibc Says:

    A lot better!


  9. puzzled! Says:

    Looks Good, May Need A Bit More Color


  10. Cee Says:

    Nice job Danny boy, UK reppin


  11. YoungGod RigoRigo Says:

    FUCKING USEFUL!! FUCK YOU VERY MUCH Danny, u have done good jooooob.


  12. BRIANNA Says:



  13. jasmine Says:

    bowwow isnt apart of young money…he is cash money’s artist…but anyways..this site looks good


  14. maria isabel Says:

    awesome, it looks good!


  15. tune Says:

    looks fresh, i love it


  16. Kela M Bby Says:

    y dnt you guyz make that cash money site to run like both th youngmoney n the lil wayne hq site


  17. Jeffery Scott Says:

    check out a few artists from the Real Life Entertainment label started from the ground up. We growing and growing fast…all I ask is you check out this one group..Y DUB
    Real Life Entertainment.


  18. Umran Says:

    A big thanks to my boy Arslan u done a sik job really appreciate wot u done for me and my fellow ymcmba fans.
    Peace out


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