Birdman & Mack Maine Address Nicki Minaj & Lil Kim Beef [Video]

May 28, 2012 by Danny M


Birdman & Mack Maine Address Nicki Minaj & Lil Kim Beef

Here is a preview from MTV2’s “Sucker Free” interview with YMCMB, which aired yesterday at 11AM but unfortunately there is no rip of the full episode online just yet.

YMCMB bosses Birdman and Mack Maine talk about Lil Kim‘s interview on Power 105’s The Breakfast Club from last week were Kim explained why she is mad and has beef with Nicki Minaj and Cash Money Records. Kim basically said that Nicki had stole her sound from unreleased songs she had given Baby and Slim at Cash Money a few years back.

Baby and Mack tell DJ Envy there is no truth to it at all and that Lil Kim is lying. You can watch the preview below:

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9 Responses to “Birdman & Mack Maine Address Nicki Minaj & Lil Kim Beef [Video]”

  1. Liar Says:

    For some reason lil kim sounds more believable
    thEn 5 star dragonball head birdfella

    Birdman has bein know for being a fraud in the past when it comes to Paying people or giving credit so if it is true it wOuldnt suprise me at all


  2. legggooo Says:

    no no no, lil kim is a well-known lier


  3. Queen Barbie Says:

    Lil Kim just mad Nicki Minaj is 10000000000000 times better than her


  4. cut throat Says:

    i think baby stole that shit too. they been accused in the past for not paying producers and what not. why not ur “grindin” right lol. who the fuck knows though. they all could be full of shit


  5. ♥Nicki♥ Says:

    Even if this is true Nicki makes it work, Kim doesn’t. And i wanna know what “sound” Kim is talking about because i don’t think she would be doing ANYTHING that Nicki is doing right now.


  6. asiafans Says:

    Can somebody please tell me where can i can email Young money entertainment ? thanks a lot !


  7. B-Cloud Says:

    If it is true why Lil motherfucker Kim don’t go to sue YMCMB ??? They are got a lot of some wannabe sue them everyday.If it is true why many producers still working for YMCMB all day.Go to ask Khaled,Detail,T-Minus …. If they don’t get paid 😀


  8. Dice Says:

    WTH… Lil Kims Good at what she does and so is Nicki I dont know why they beefing in the first place what I do know is that there is Much more shizz happening in our world today for these two female artists to be beefing. damn dissin eachother like lil street kids I believe it’s unprofesional I mEAN when youre in the entertainment/music/whatever industry we needa all remember where our roots are and where our ancestors struggled not for this kiddy shiz DO SOMETHING AND STOP HATING NICKI OR KIM DO SOMETHING USEFUL LIKE BUILD A SCHOOL IN AFFRICA. HELP THE SLUMS IN INDIA. GET FRESH WATER FOR AFFRICA. FIND HOMES FOR the HOMELES juST DO Something rather than waste your time LMFAOL..
    SUSS saying.. PEACE


  9. TEAMYMCMB Says:



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