Tyga Says His “Make It Nasty” Song Is Better Than “Rack City” [Video]

May 31, 2012 by Danny M


While Tyga was touring in England last week, he stopped by Tim Westwood‘s radio station in London for an interview. They talked about if T-Raw knew himself that “Rack City” would blow up like it did, why he won’t get anymore face tattoos, his favorite song out right now, why he thinks “Make It Nasty” is better than “Rack City“, the story behind his latest single “I’m Gone“, if he will be in Birdman and YMCMB’s upcoming Rich Gang movie, the Fan Of A Fan 2 collaboration album with Chris Brown, and more.

Click here to watch Tyga and Honey Cocaine‘s freestyle on Westwood.

Leave a comment below with which Tygaman track you prefer – “Make It Nasty” or “Rack City” ❓

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12 Responses to “Tyga Says His “Make It Nasty” Song Is Better Than “Rack City” [Video]”

  1. sk8boy Says:

    obviously rack city is hotter and better


  2. The Motto Says:

    Can’t wait for Rich Gang 😀


  3. Tygamania Says:

    Anything is better than Rack City son and Make It Nasty is horrible.


  4. Ayyyy Says:

    Make it Nasty is my favorite but I do like Rack City


  5. MJ Says:

    I though rack city was the worst track on welldone2

    Make it nasty>>>


  6. ms.tunechi Says:

    Rack City any day…. but all in all far away & still got it are the best


  7. erm...... Says:

    …….but he has better songs than both of these ?


  8. King Jay Says:

    The only good thing about those 2 songs is the music videos.

    The real banger is Faded!


  9. Gaha Says:

    I like his comment on the im gone track

    He doesny even knows whats it about i just had a lame ass chorus and the rest is bullshit

    Why would he make a song about something he never experienced ?

    To me thats lying, tyga just doesnt do it for me anymore

    I dont like his rhymes anymore and really raps about nothing
    Its bullshit

    And the chin hair and eyebrowz was obviously tattood


    • aliza Says:

      who the hell is u talking to hoe i don,t got no time hoe stop be talking to him bro he,s my friend he chat with me on twitter bitch fuck u so he can whooped yur ass and i will tell him that u was talking bout him bitch and he,s has a girlfriend name blac chyna and she,s not ugly she looks like barbie doll so fuck u and i will tell his girlfriend that u was talking bout him i am bout to tell right now byee bitch u can,t even sing or dance.


  10. maria Says:

    i love both song but i love the Make It Nasty music video


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