Justin Bieber – Right Here (Feat Drake)

June 12, 2012 by Danny M

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Justin Bieber Right Here Feat Drake

The Canadians Justin Bieber and Drake link up together on this new record called “Right Here“, which was produced by Hit-Boy. This track will appear on JB‘s upcoming album, Believe, due out July 19th.

You can listen to the song below, but if you are expecting a rap verse from Drizzy, you will be disappointed.

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26 Responses to “Justin Bieber – Right Here (Feat Drake)”

  1. Jeff Says:



  2. Jozi Says:

    Smooth! I’m feeling this! I don’t understand niggas who’re hating on this young’n!


  3. Jessicaa Says:

    GTFO if you think this is gay!!
    Hating asses no lie,


  4. kris Says:

    Biber Gay!!!!


  5. Gsko Says:


    Even the tinyist bit of respect i had for drake is now officialy gone

    Anybody who works with a talentless little turd like bieber should have both their hands chopped of

    Im so sick of this little faggot you cant sing for shit little bitch


    • Tygamania Says:

      Cmon son, lil dude gettin his paper mayne, cant hate on that


    • Jay Says:

      GSko, are you just mad that your first car was a toyota while bieber’s first car was a range? are you just mad that bieber sleeps in a multimillion mansion while we sleep in our middle class homes? You can’t be this rich and not have some sort of talent. last i checked, bieber can play more instruments than you can count, and sings in sold out concerts. You know you wished you were him. It’s easy to hate someone without a reason, but hard to appreciate real talent.


      • colton simon Says:

        strait up……thts wht people dnt realize you dnt have to like his music but on the real jus dnt listen to it


    • colton simon Says:

      umm im nt a justin bieber fan but shut the fuck up u little bitch u say he cnt sing well lets here yo fuckin ass sing like tht. u cnt so jus respect him as an artist you fuckin queer


    • Reido Says:

      I think you should just speak for yourself. Get back in the kitchen.


  6. Young Tunechi Says:

    beiber iz copying breezy’s flow in this song…#jus saying


  7. donk Says:

    gay ass song


  8. YmcmbAllDay Says:

    This shit tight yo!;)


  9. TDE Jose Says:

    Damn this a song good ….FUCK HATERS ……….Justin has matured ….now …people who hate get off his dick ……I use to be with the crowd and call him gay and shit….but I was only ignorant …..now i realize he is a very talented artist good thing he got drake for this song …


    • Steven Says:

      I agree. He’s gotten better. He’s not bad. I might buy Tha album.


  10. That Kid Says:

    This song aint bad at all. Drake & JB did they thing on this one (y)


  11. Maxamilliion williams gutierrez Says:

    Creativity has no boundries and as great actors and legendary writters one must learn to appeal to even the unfamiliar,in which thereafter there are no boundries to real talent that defines our true celebrities of today. Fuk u haters,these names are beyond a moment,a faze,a cliche,or one hit wonder so eat ur heart out and pay attension,hard or pop its on worldwide with a fanbase made of every coast,country,nationallity,and all generations and that is why aside sexual preference,life style,hobbies,or beliefs they found how to make our humane faults to a positive way of reality. Point is fuk all haters on drake,justin,weezy,nicki,any ymcmb artist and collabing stars.take a picture and hang it up fukerzzz ovoxo that.


  12. Michael ymcmb Says:

    @gsko I ain’t a fan of bieber but this kid is talented how can you say he ain’t got talent? And for you to say all your respect for drake has now gone that’s gayyyyyyyy you lil homo get the fuck of this site, #YMCMB


  13. martinm Says:

    Yeah great song and I am not a big Bieber fan. By the way it is June 19th. Thats kind of important.


  14. Naheezy Says:

    lol legit.. Drake’s singing voice sounds better than beiber’s


    • drake fan Says:

      Bieber just an extra on this song… drake was rock this song from the beginning..



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