Drake Previews New Song While Smoking Shisha [Video]

June 27, 2012 by Danny M

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Above, you can watch a short clip of Drake smoking shisha from a hookah pipe while an unreleased track plays in the background. There is no word yet on if the song will appear on Drizzy‘s upcoming third album, or another one of his projects.

“Puffin’ shisha, laid back fucking with FIFA
What I get for the features, I wouldn’t fuck with me either”

What are your thoughts on the verse ❓

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11 Responses to “Drake Previews New Song While Smoking Shisha [Video]”

  1. baby Says:

    sounds hot but he looks dumb smoking that on his own


  2. Escell Says:

    I’m praying we get a new Drake album this year.


  3. Brickz Says:

    Sick ass verse


  4. tony_montana Says:

    Drizzy da shitt!


  5. Ak Says:

    i hope one time doesnt see this video


  6. Ak Says:

    I bet this song will feature lil wayne this has a beat that wayne will jump on


  7. Ratchet Says:

    Drake you will never beat me in fifa lol


  8. Ak Says:

    Danny Could You See Lil Wayne Being On This Song


  9. a Says:

    If he keeps that same beat I fucks with it


  10. Deuces Says:

    Drake killed this shit yah mean? Lol Verse is good, beat sounds crazy, & even tho i only heard 47 secs pretty dope song to me.



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