Flow – Wolf [Mixtape Cover]

July 27, 2012 by Danny M

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Flow Wolf Mixtape Cover

Above, you can view the official cover for Flow‘s upcoming mixtape, Wolf. If you are wondering why the mixtape is called Wolf, try spelling it backwards 😉 The mixtape will be released at the end of this month or on August 1st.

Props Josh!

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25 Responses to “Flow – Wolf [Mixtape Cover]”

  1. Swag Says:



  2. Swap Says:

    Fuckin ugly ass mixtape cover -________-


  3. Swag Says:

    Flow: make me a cover ho
    5 minutes later…
    Ho: all done
    Flow: omg thats great


  4. dank Says:

    Let’s call it wolf and wear vampire teeth. Makes sense just like his raps


    • johnothan Says:

      Wolves have fangs, he has fangs on the cover. Or did you actually want him to have a wolf on the mixtape cover? fuck outta here


  5. Swap Says:

    Yall gotta admit for a mixtape cover, this sum nasty as shit, like it’s just ugly as shit -_-


  6. Kush Says:

    TRUK whoever dont like !!!


  7. Hey Says:

    I’m looking forward to listen to this 🙂


  8. diroflow Says:

    “TRUK whoever dont like” haha


  9. Joe Says:

    Da E-sho Hero did it again


  10. Tiffany Shante Says:

    He’s not suppose to be a wolf, the mixtape is called W.O.L.F. …Flow Backwards. Plus W.O.L.F. stands for Wild Out Long Fuck. Flow reps Vampire Gang cause they up all night in the studio and sleep all day.. #FlameGang1rstLady


  11. Young Meck Says:

    Im hyped AF!! to hear this “Flow”!!! “sister nancy ma jam


  12. Swap Says:

    Lmao y’all could say whaaaateva y’all please, but nigga THIS SHIT FUKIN UGLY! Truk that


  13. Flame Gang Goon Says:

    my mfn nigga..ik this shit gone bang..as long as he stay on that syrup his barz gone b crazy..wayne got off now look at him.


  14. LilWayneAddict Says:

    Yo Danny how come this aint dropped yet ?


  15. Shady Says:

    Its pasted the 1 where the mixtape ???


  16. Smfh Says:

    Why the fuck is B-Jada’s money track on W.O.L.F. B-Jada’s verse sucked, and Bet Dat is on W.O.L.F too, it was dope but thugga fucked that song up smhh


  17. joe Says:

    were to download


  18. Brittany Williams Says:

    @Tiffany shante they some fuckin ass wipes…FUCK WHOEVER DONT LIKE FLOW,…


  19. Young Meck Says:

    y’all think flow hard… listen heroic volume 1 the nigga went too hard!!!! Esho Hero bitches!!! google my name n message me if you cant find the download link


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