Shanell’s Top 2 Artists She Would Love To Work With Are Andre 3000 & Prince

August 15, 2012 by Danny M


Shanells Top 2 Artists She Would Love To Work With Are Andre 3000 & Prince

Here is another Shanell interview that took place at Jungle City Studios in New York City on August 9th during her Nobody’s Bitch mixtape listening session, this time with SFPL.

They chatted about SnL being in the music industry, when she fell in love with music, who her musical inspirations are, which artists she would love to work with in the future, what the word “fly” means to her, fashion, and more!

You can read the full interview below:

You’ve been in the industry a while. How does it feel to see your dreams come into fruition and people vibin’ to your music?
Shanell: I feel like it’s about time. Like you said I have been doing this for a while and I don’t get excited about some of the things that I thought I would get excited about when I was a little girl and it’s so much more work than I thought. I know I do amazing big stuff and I’m just happy and excited that I’m giving it out to people and it’s not just on my computer or on my IPOD.

You were behind the scenes as a writer and dancer before you started putting out your own music. When was the first time that you fell in love with music?
Shanell: I’m a performer at heart and performing without singing was all expression through movement for me. So now to be able to put words to express that emotion or whatever is amazing and it started when I was a dancer. The sound of music; I don’t know. I think it’s in black people. Drums, music, and the right sounds feel a certain way. It might be in all people but I’m black so. I feel like it’s just always been inside me and I’m excited to be a person to be able to give that feeling to other people.

Who are some of your music inspirations?
Shanell: Of course Ms. Amy Winehouse. And each person has a different reason. Amy Winehouse I feel like reminds me a lot of me. I just sing and I do write deep music but I am also very outspoken and very just blunt and cool. I love her for being another female that’s able to do that. Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, and Lauren Hill.

Who are the top three artists that you would love to work with?
Shanell: Andre 3000. I think I’d be too scared to work with Prince but Prince of course.

Why would you be scared?
Shanell: I don’t know. Who’s the comedian who said that you couldn’t even look at him. (laughs). I don’t think I want to put myself through that nerve wrecking experience. Not nerve racking, I just think that I would be nervous, but he’s great. He’s a musician that can play just about everything and he would be amazing. I can’t think of anyone else.

So what does the term fly mean to you?
Shanell: I was going to use another word like “dope”. Fly is just you in your own world and you do your own thing. You don’t care and you carry this energy that just says “I’m me and you probably want to be me too”. I use the word fly all the time.

I like that. So what are you top fashion must haves? When you leave the house what are the things you must have or if someone is styling you that know that Shanell must have this.
Shanell: Well my nose ring which I still do have; I just forgot to put it on. Earrings and jewelry; I like little things like chains, rings, and bracelets. I have to have those if nothing else.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
Shanell: I don’t know. I don’t look that far ahead. I just look forward to tomorrow and the week.

A lot of people seem to do this for fame and money. Why do you sing and write? What does music really do for you?
Shanell: Honestly because that’s what I’ve always done. That’s who I am from when I was a little girl. Now, it seems like a whole other thing, but if I didn’t sell a million records, if I didn’t tour the world; if I only had a venue in a small neighborhood to perform in I would do that.

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