Shanell Says It’s Frustrating To See Her YMCMB Label-Mates Dropping Albums Before Her [Video]

August 16, 2012 by Danny M


Carrying on with their interview, Shanell chats to Vlad on how frustrating it is to see her YMCMB label-mates drop albums before her, the conversations she has with the bosses Lil Wayne and Mack Maine, and if she will drop songs featuring Nicki Minaj and Drake in the near future.

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5 Responses to “Shanell Says It’s Frustrating To See Her YMCMB Label-Mates Dropping Albums Before Her [Video]”

  1. ED Says:

    but if Shanell dropped an album tomorrow it wouldnt even sell 50k…..this is why she has not dropped album yet. Where as Nicki, Drake & Tyga can easily sell over 100k


  2. shoot me Says:

    i can nearly see up her skirt 😛


  3. What a wonderfull lable im on Says:

    Thats right its all business

    Ymcmb looks like a cool and loyalfamily to us normal people
    but in reality, you can only make songs on used instrus or bring out mixtapes and only bring up money for baby and slim
    This bitch aint going nowhere they not spending money on you

    Just shows and mixtapes and a cut of 80% wich goes straight to baby en slim
    Thats your life SNL get used to it


  4. wowzers Says:

    the problem is that YMCMB is just to big to be hot all at the same time


  5. Anonymous Says:

    Personally I feel like the stars of my established themselves be4 ym, to the point that when I look at nicki and drake ym doesn’t come to mind. She should have done that . I also agree that it’s business with ymcmb.It makes more sense for people like her and other peopl on ym who don’t appeal to the mass and won’t sell as much to make mixtapes that they can do multiple shows off of and make profit rather than put money behind an album and lose profit. Every time you see a ym artist in an interview they always talking about we family, that annoys me because it seems like the new thing to say to avoid the truth

    Ps. Why don’t they do features with there label mates on at least a single off their album to get them known, seems a little selfish. The y always talking about Imma putmy people on.


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