Happy Birthday To T-Streets!

September 13, 2012 by Danny M


Happy Birthday To T-Streets

Today (September 13th) happens to be the quietest member from Young Money’s birthday – T-Streets! Everyone at LilWayneHQ.com and YoungMoneyHQ.com would just like to say a big Happy Birthday to Streets and hope he has a great day!

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11 Responses to “Happy Birthday To T-Streets!”

  1. mama Says:

    omg i forgot about this dude, what happened to him? did he retire or is he just super lazy lol


  2. Priceless Says:

    Happy Birthday!


  3. steve-o Says:

    yo that pic of gudda fast asleep is hilarious lmfao!!

    happy b-day streets and pleaseeee release more music cus ur first tape was kinda dope


  4. Tee Says:

    i love t-streets like he one the sweetest people on youngmoney he need to come out with some soon and gudda gudda


  5. Keonna Says:

    Gudda was prolley sippen on that lean


  6. ♥Nicki♥Drake♥ Says:

    Can someone plz tell me what this guy does? He is never making music. Does Slim and Baby just pay him to be lazy? Because i want that job.


  7. erika Says:

    happy birthday t streets and keep making ur music baby


    • ♥Nicki♥Drake♥ Says:

      LOL WHAT MUSIC? HE DON’T DO SHIT! HE GETS PAID TO YELL YMCMB! I could see if he made the beats for some songs or something but i never see him doing shit…But i guess he doing something because he still with them.


  8. Marin Says:

    The dude droped a mixtape last year F. are u all talkin about…


  9. Dilaw Says:

    HB Man


  10. beanz bytch Says:

    he is to wayne as tony yayo was to 50 cent just more loyal thats his shooter


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