Flow Spits A Freestyle At Lil Wayne’s “Trukstop” Skate Park Opening In New Orleans

September 27, 2012 by Danny M

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Flow Spits A Freestyle At Lil Wayne Trukstop Skate Park Opening In New Orleans

While at the grand opening of Lil Wayne‘s “Trukstop” skate park in the Lower 9th Ward Village of New Orleans, Louisiana yesterday, T. Hilly chopped it up with Flow and Juvenile for his upcoming Kush 5 DVD, as well as capture footage of Birdman and Slim arriving to the event.

The Esho Hero also spat a freestyle for the camera and rumors are floating around that the verse he rapped will appear on a remix he is dropping soon over Weezy‘s “No Worries” instrumental!

“Is a pig pussy pork? Do bears be shitting in the woods and wipe they ass with a rabbit when they finish?”

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10 Responses to “Flow Spits A Freestyle At Lil Wayne’s “Trukstop” Skate Park Opening In New Orleans”

  1. molly Says:

    dude always look fucked up


  2. yungblack Says:

    Lol flow stay on that syrup & shrooms. Can’t wait to hear that “No Worries” track.


  3. DanGer_Dsn Says:



  4. keety Says:

    The verse he rapped came from Magic on the Dedication 4…do your homework.


  5. tunechi in dis bitch Says:

    yeah danny, thats definately the verse on magic


    • Danny M Says:

      Watch the video, the freestyle Flow spits is not from “Magic”.

      The quote I posted on the blog post is from “Magic”, but I only posted that because it’s a dope line and he says it again in the video.


  6. YungGod Says:

    Definetly not the same verse from magic. Its completely different Anyways Does anyone know the song at the end of the Kush 5 video. You can hear wayne say “I wish i could switch & blood gang” I know i’ve heard it but cant remember it lol


  7. YungGod Says:

    @Neno- Thanks alot you are right


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