Flow Announces New Mixtape With Bonka & Taliban Bundy Called “Gang Related” [Video]

September 29, 2012 by Danny M

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In the video above, you can watch some footage of Flow, Slim Boogie, 12, Bonka and Taliban Bundy in the studio. They can be seen chilling with a container of mushrooms, recording music, and letting off stink bombs 😆

Flow also announces that he will have a new mixtape dropping later this year with Bonka and Taliban Bundy called “Gang Related“.

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12 Responses to “Flow Announces New Mixtape With Bonka & Taliban Bundy Called “Gang Related” [Video]”

  1. mount Says:

    he talks too much and why is he always fucked up in every vid posted on this site smfh


  2. elz Says:

    flow got a batman symbol tatted on his face??


  3. Yeah! Says:

    Them shrooms keep me up, I aint got no worries!


  4. Kay Says:

    Stink bombs?? How old are these??? I used to do that back in school days


  5. Jsvs Says:

    This sucka sounds like a smurf
    Just shut up

    Nobody is interested in you
    He should hookup with honey cocaine

    And call it helium gang
    Cause we got the samd voices like fucking cartoon characters

    + he on shrooms, pain kIllers and weed ?
    Thats just junkie shit


    • Idiot Says:

      Nobody is interested in him? He’s signed to a label, and is getting his music posted on different blogs while you sit down and do nothing but talk shit.


  6. TeezzyrebelSteeze Says:

    Here comes the hate. Flow went from TheFlamez to TheFlamez and YMCMB. What are you doing? Sitting on a sofa. Eating fucking high sodium chips and commenting. Get with the program or get choke slammed kuz it’s either this or eat a dick.
    #FirstClass #GangRelated #FamGang #FlameGang #GoonGang


  7. Nucklez Says:

    Flow a monsta, my nigga he gon blow up huge one day maybe even sooner than you think


  8. Weak brains Says:

    So what if hes signed ?

    This nigga is only allowed to make mix tapes
    (using beats tht allready bein used by every other rapper today)

    And maybe, just maybe do a feature on wayne song

    Christian millian is also signed what has she done so far , except being a sexy girl ?
    Everyone on young money except drake nicky en wayne are worthless and going no where
    Tyga done a smart move setting up his own label, as soon as hes independed he wont need young money anymore but hes probally under a strangle contract and will never be totally free

    But as far as i see this flow guynis as worthless as christina millian is


    • smh Says:

      Tygas music is distributed through YM, not the label he made you idiot. And what the fuck you mean he uses beats thats already been used by every other rapper?

      His mixtape wolf had ALL ORIGINAL BEATS. And you make no sense because wayne uses beats thats already been used by every other rapper on his mixtapes.

      And I don’t see christian milan on a track with wayne, so sit yo dumb ass down on your couch and hate.


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