Flow – U Would 2 (Feat Taliban Bundy) [Music Video]

October 16, 2012 by Danny M

Music Videos

Check out the official music video for Flow‘s “U Would 2” song featuring Taliban Bundy above. The track was produced by Flight School and the visual was directed by T. Hilly and CatDaddy. Cameos can be seen from YoYo, 12, Slim Boogie, and more!

Flight School Productions will be dropping their First Class album on November 5th.

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11 Responses to “Flow – U Would 2 (Feat Taliban Bundy) [Music Video]”

  1. kevin gates Says:

    it look like flow was tryna copy lil wayne’s eyes in the dark shades video smfh
    he also tryna copy tyler and hopsin
    come on, be original!!


  2. Shotta Says:

    Dis shit wack. The guy Taliban looks like he’s on coke. Everybody knows Flow is a pussy! Where’s the Flamez? Who gives dese guys street cred??????


  3. dank Says:

    Only thing dope was the biggie lyrics they jacked for the chorus… and they absolutely fucked that up shouldn’t of messed with it. Song is wack but all the little teenys gunna come post how hot that shit it.


  4. eh Says:

    I fucks with flow heavy, but this track was just average…I know he could’ve went a lot harder on this and could’ve came up with a better chorus. He needs to get back to his heroic vol.1 shit…Wolf had too many features to really enjoy, and on heroic vol.1 he spit straight raw and real shit


  5. DOPE Says:

    Love this voice sooooo much


  6. dank Says:

    He could have done better than a chorus jacked from a classic biggie and bone thugs track? Him rapping it straight ruined it but this song would have been better if he just jacked biggies whole verse.


  7. spitta Says:

    My trukfit bro flow i mean ya verse hard but u couldve went harder but keep comin wit shit rawer beats and kill yaa


  8. TRUKFIT Says:



  9. Uptownmelphman Says:

    Man Fuck dis poo ass shit…. Where da lil dude dat be buckin for da flames da 1 dat be screaming


  10. NineSix Says:

    Sounds like they didnt use a pop filter and didnt master it 🙁


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