Flow At Lil Wayne’s “Trukstop” Grand Opening (Part 2) & Trailer For “First Class” Project

November 2, 2012 by Danny M

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Above, you can watch part 2 of Flow at the grand opening of Lil Wayne’s “Trukstop” skate park in the Lower 9th Ward Village of New Orleans, Louisiana on September 26th. The Esho Hero raps the chorus from “Bet That” and his verse from “Get Out My Face” for the camera. Click here to watch part 1!

In other news, you can watch the official trailer for Flight School Productions‘ upcoming album, First Class, after the jump below. The project will be released on November 5th and include a few appearances from Flow.

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7 Responses to “Flow At Lil Wayne’s “Trukstop” Grand Opening (Part 2) & Trailer For “First Class” Project”

  1. LILWAYNEHQ bitch Says:

    swagga jacking the chief weezy


  2. boi Says:

    no rapper today can actually spit a freestyle
    they always rap a verse they wrote
    how times have changed



    Right dude in wrong clothing, slobber on desk loathing if i were to raise hand and bitch says im wrong im going home to write a depressing song about how these niggas think there balling taking pics of geology instagram hit the fan but these niggas aint taking pics of their reality, sitting passenger with their mother driving while using a cracked iphone she worked for without cosigning its blinding peers voices in my ears but faces in darker places i dont see them, in my cavern depths i dont follow rules Whats a ref?


  4. City Says:

    Young Money? bet That


  5. Jdmbbb Says:

    Off course floe did nOt dress as a skater before wayne
    Everybody folows his rules

    If wayne would wear a dress every ym homo would do it too
    Everyone wears the crappy yncb clothing

    Only drake dresses worse then anyone
    But he cool


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