Recap Of Tyga Touring Australia, Getting High, Singing Happy Birthday To Nicki Minaj & More

January 1, 2013 by Danny M

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Above, you can watch a recap of Tyga touring Australia on Nicki Minaj‘s Pink Friday Reloaded” tour. T-Raww can be seen visiting and performing in Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and the Gold Coast.

During the clip, you can also see Tygaman meeting his fans, going go karting, getting high, listening to “95 Like Dat” in the studio, singing Happy Birthday to Nicki Minaj on stage, and more!

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6 Responses to “Recap Of Tyga Touring Australia, Getting High, Singing Happy Birthday To Nicki Minaj & More”

  1. Salli Says:

    First time I have ever seen him smoke =o



      As a big Tyga fan i am, i saw him smoke first on the All gold remix video. I was pretty shocked but then i thought “Meh, The King is rich and he is living luxury, he is done with the life! so ofc he can smoke” 😀


  2. Gahaha Says:

    Dude starting smoking after he got a son

    Its usually the other way around

    Bad priorities Just saying


  3. #DrizzyDrake Says:

    that was soo sweet T-Raww did that for Nicki minaj. He might smoke but hes soo sweet to YMCMB members..King(the future young money) has a nice father but also smokes..i hope King doesnt smoke and do drugs when he’s older.. us saying


  4. #DrizzyDrake Says:

    tyga dont teach your son bad things when he’s in his teen years..teach him how to rap.


  5. NAO Says:

    My daughter was so excited to hear that Tyga was touring Australia this year, but heart broken when we found out the gigs are 18+. She is 13 and very sad


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