Torion Discusses Touring, His New Single Coming Soon, Dancing & More

January 9, 2013 by Danny M

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Torion Discusses Touring, His New Single Coming Soon, Dancing & More

Jason Pollak from recently chopped it up with Young Money’s youngest artist Torion Sellers over the phone.

Torion talked about touring, what his favorite part about the “Scream Tour” was, working on a new single and when he plans to release it to the world, who influences him the most dancing, what he has been up these past few months, the “Practice” music video that he talked about shooting in our last interview, and more!

You can read the full interview between Jason and Torion after the jump below.

Jason: Hey, what’s up man? The last time we spoke you were in New York for the “Scream Tour”. What was that show and the rest of the tour like?

Torion: Oh yeah man, it was dope. Everybody welcomed me in like a family. Diggy Simmons, the OMG Girls, Juwan Harris and TK N’ Cash were are cool. That was my first tour and every show I felt like I got better and better. I was just real thankful for what they gave me.

Jason: I’m sure the fans were all excited to see you.

Torion: Yea man. My favorite part about the tour were the fans, especially the girls. When I was in Baltimore, I got chased. Like literally chased. It was crazy. I was running full speed while my security guards were tryin’ to keep everyone back. I wish I could stop and grab all of their numbers, but you know, you gotta keep running.

Jason: Haha, how did that all happen? Next time you have to set up a meet and greet and get all of their numbers one at a time.

Torion: Yea, right man, haha. What happened was, I was in my van and my dad told me to go outside and sign some autographs. So I stepped out and I saw this group of girls staring at me. So I was going over to them, then all of a sudden another group of girls showed up asking for my autograph. I was cool with it, but my security were like “We gotta go”. So they snatched me up and we started jetting. I looked back and there were at least a hundred girls running after me. I wanted to stay and sign the autographs, but it just got too crazy.

Jason: Haha, that’s insane. So how do you stay sharp with your music and dance moves between all of this craziness?

Torion: I practice everyday man. If I’m home or available, it’s always time to practice. Ya know, you can’t let anyone get you off focus. My dad has taught me that well. He just says stay focused and practice, so that’s what I do.

Jason: Yea definitely, even Lil Wayne said, “Repetition is the father of learning.”

Torion: Yea absolutely. When I was in the studio with him, he was working hard. So I know I have to do the same and do what I gotta do.

Jason: True man. So have you had any time to record on the road?

Torion: Yea we did. Whenever we get to a hotel room, we pull everything out and record right there. I just think, whenever there is open time, you have to take advantage of it. I don’t like sitting around doing nothing. Unless I’m sittin’ back for a reason, I try to stay busy.

Jason: What have you been working on? Are you working on any new projects?

Torion: I am actually, I’m workin’ on the new single right now bro! It should be coming out late Spring, early Summer. I’m excited about it!

Jason: Is it going to be on a mixtape, or are you just releasing the single at the moment?

Torion: Yea, we are just doing the single for now. Figure we gonna put it out right when all the kids are getting out of school.

Jason: Yea, that’s a great idea. Are you planning on touring at all for the upcoming release?

Torion: Yea man. We planning on touring this year. I’m just excited. We have a lot of tracks and we’re choosing wisely. We want to the pick the best one. It’s a new year, 2013, some new stuff has got to come out.

Jason: You had a very productive 2012. Any resolutions and wishes for 2013?

Torion: I just want the single to be successful. I hope my career is successful. That’s all I want really. I just hope everything goes well. My wish would be for my album to come out. Not that I expect it to happen immediately, but that’s just my wish. Cause, woooh, when that comes out…

Jason: Maybe they’ll pop you a couple bottles.

Torion: Haha, yea right. Of apple juice.

Jason: Haha, nah someone will sneak you in a bottle of Ace of Spades. But anyway, I remember you mentioned last time you were shooting a video for “Practice”. Is that coming soon? What else have you been up to?

Torion: Yea, we’ve been working on that. It should be coming soon. In the meantime, I’ve been to Detroit and New York. We’ve been to a couple other spots also. Those are my people up in Detroit. Shout New York too. They show me a lot of love on the radio stations. Power 105.1, WJLB. They real cool. That’s my crew. We did the Jimmy Jazz show, that was cool. We did a lot of stuff. Busy year. Just trying to keep it going.

Jason: Yea, you performed down in Georgia, right?

Torion: Yea we did. That’s my hometown so they showed me a lot of love. That was dope. ATL really accepts me. They were like, this our dude. So I really appreciate all the love. Shout out Jimmy Jazz too. Speaking of Jimmy Jazz, I should be coming out to Baltimore for inauguration week. That should be poppin’. I’ll also be down in Louisiana.

Jason: Yea, I hear that. So you learn any new dance moves? I also gotta ask, do you learn dance moves, or do you just make up your own material?

Torion: Yea you already know! We’re coming up with some new dance moves everyday. I mostly make up my own dance moves, but I do study other artists and see if I can do what they can do. If I can do it, I’mma make it mine, haha.

Jason: Any dancers in particular that inspire you the most?

Torion: Dancing wise, I think Chris Brown does because he’s just a dope dancer. He’s phenomenal to me.

Jason: Yea and the dancing part is huge. I was just watching Nicki Minaj’s reality show and they were going over her choreography for the tour. It was crazy, you just don’t realize how much is planned. You see it on stage and just kinda think it’s happening. You don’t see the behind the scenes.

Torion: Yea, there is a lot of work that goes into planning that, but this is what I love doing at the end of the day. I love music and doing what I do. And people complain this is hard work, but for me it’s like play time. I love it! Ya know, if you love it, it’s not so hard.

Jason: So anything else you want to tell your fans before you bounce?

Torion: Again, just that single. Be aware that single is coming out! It’ll be here soon. We got the new video for “Practice”. Y’all be surprised what I’m wearing in the video. I had to slow it down a little, ya know. I don’t want to spoil it too much though. Just shout out to Young Mula. This young Torion in the building! And follow me on Twitter @TorionSellers and my Instagram is TorionYMCMB. Lets gooo!

Picture credit: Wildy Civil

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