Episode 6 Of “A Day In The Life Of KVN Gates” Vlog [Video]

January 25, 2013 by Danny M

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Watch episode 6 of Young Money affiliate KVN Gates‘ “A Day In The Life” vlog above. In this week’s episode, Kevin can be seen taking a break from recording in the studio to talk about his upcoming The Luca Brasci Story mixtape and to confirm he has recorded songs with Lil Wayne, Birdman, French Montana, and more music artists.

Kevin will release his tape on February 1st! Click here to watch episode 5 of “A Day In The Life Of KVN Gates“.

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9 Responses to “Episode 6 Of “A Day In The Life Of KVN Gates” Vlog [Video]”

  1. RIP Magnolia Shawty girl Says:

    Yeahhh Imma be downloading dat on Feb. 1


  2. dbone Says:



  3. 187 Says:

    Gates been spittin for years, niggas been sleepin. YMCMBWA


  4. AllBlack Says:

    I wanna hear that Gates & Wayne track


  5. dank Says:

    Is he YM? Cuz you post all his videos but I haven’t seen any of Caskey’s music or baking with caskey videos on here and he is actually CM. Don’t get me wrong I like gates but I thought this was YMCM


    • smh Says:

      Youngmoneyhq only puts young money artists, not cash money artists. Caskey’s signed to cash money.


  6. dank Says:

    @smh ya your right…. Wait why is gates on here when he’s not on either???

    And cash money is more “affiliate” to young money than gates is just by bein from new Orleans and shouting Wayne out a few times. And Danny has posted shit from cash money many times.

    So I don’t know why you named yourself smh unless your shaking your head at yourself cuz you came out sounden stupid.


    • smh Says:

      He only posts stuff that has cash money artists if it also includes a YM artist in it. You cannot show me not one thing that’s only a cash money news update.

      And gates is in a bidding war between Atlantic and YMCMB, but still as of now he’s an affiliate. Get your facts up.


  7. dank Says:

    Fact is that you said he only posts YM artist and gates is not a YM artist. “Get your facts up” even though “facts up” doesn’t mean anything.

    And since affiliates are cool then a CM artist would be the closest affiliate since YM is a label under CM. I can’t believe your really arguing


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