Tyga Discusses “For The Road” Single With Chris Brown, Going On A World Tour & More

February 8, 2013 by Danny M


Above, you can watch Karen Civil‘s interview with Tyga that took place in his studio last weekend.

T-Raww talks about his forthcoming Hotel California album, why he named the album what he did, a new single called “For The Road” featuring Chris Brown that will be similar to “Deuces“, how his song “Molly” came together, if we can be expecting a “Rack City” type of track on the album, his Reebok deal, the Last Kings clothing line, going on a world tour in April, and more.

The release date for Tygaman‘s official second single is on Valentines Day (February 14th) and he also shared that he might be pushing his album release date up to March 19th instead of March 26th!

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12 Responses to “Tyga Discusses “For The Road” Single With Chris Brown, Going On A World Tour & More”

  1. Waterboy Says:

    Looks like he is tryin to grow a beard lol.


  2. shame Says:

    he only gonna push his album forward because wayne is dropping his on the same day

    but lets be honest – we all know tyga album gonna get pushed back to summer

    he got no buzz right now


  3. Tee Says:

    I bet the song will sound nothing like Deuces :/


  4. Woooow Says:

    Wow the interviewster is a fugly boring ass bitch

    You couldve looked all this shit up on google ?
    Why not ask some out the box questions ?

    This little nigger gettig way too much praise for the low quality music hes bein putting out the last 2 years


  5. #DrizzyDrake Says:

    tyga you need to shave lol


  6. Gamer Ste Says:

    5 days left


  7. weezee wee Says:

    i guess the hook gone be “she aint in it for the road” 😀


  8. maria_latina_tyga Says:

    i hope that tyga will come to sweden when i doser his tour over the sea


  9. Video Songs Says:

    Tyga can do the world tour deffinetly


  10. Gamer Ste Says:

    4 days left


  11. #1 TYGAFAN Says:

    Y people got to get one here and hate on a nigga if u don’t like it then don’t say nothin bout it. y’all are just sittin around wastin ur time hatin while he out here gettin money


  12. I_love_TYGA Says:

    i cant wait for the album to be released!!!!!


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