Birdman Talks Listening To Drake’s “Started From The Bottom” Song With Lil Wayne For The First Time

February 23, 2013 by Danny M


Birdman recently spoke with MTV about him and Lil Wayne listening to Drake‘s “Started From The Bottom” song for the first time. The YMCMB boss also spoke on the rumors that surface online every month of Drizzy leaving the label, which are of course all bullshit.

“Drake… he’s just not normal when it comes to music. He’s a fresh talent. He’s not a replica. He don’t duplicate. He’s setting his own tone and his own everything with music. I think this record’s really something for him to be different…he’s not a normal guy. He’s one of the most talented, really on earth, to me when it comes to music. So to me I loved it, when [Lil Wayne and I] first heard it we were amazed.”

“Drake definitely is a fan of the culture and he’s definitely a fan of our culture, and where we come from — Cash Money, me and Wayne and how we built our whole foundation — so he’ll jab at some of the old Cash Money/Young Money flavors and he’s slick with it. And that song is real rap, they ain’t doing that no more. That’s what makes him so different to me, and that’s what makes it so fly how he do it.”

“And X knows the culture of what we do and how we tryna [move] forward as a team. I know Drake’s tryna paint his picture and he definitely represents the brand, so you might always see little flavors of the past in his current music and videos.”

Over the past two years there have been rumors every few months that Drake was planning his departure from the Cash Money/Young Money family, but according to Birdman, that’s just talk and gossip. “That’s just the business, people talk and blogs talk and shit don’t really be having no truth to it,” he said. “Our relationship with Drake … that’s my lil brother. That’s the homie. That’s family. So there’s never been no friction. We’re just working hard, tryna give people great music.”

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10 Responses to “Birdman Talks Listening To Drake’s “Started From The Bottom” Song With Lil Wayne For The First Time”

  1. RIP Magnolia Shawty girl Says:

    Weezy was prolly like “Drizzy let me jump on this bro”


  2. edge Says:

    baby got too many tats on his face now


  3. tm Says:

    @RIP magnolia shawty girl haha yeah & drizzy was prolly like “uhmmm…naah I’m good bro,’ll put u 0n the remix or something”


  4. Future Says:

    It’s time to release the next single Drake.


    • jackie Says:

      WHAT??! no its not fool. started from the bottom JUST came out a few weeks ago how is it time for another single? smfh


  5. Fuck Says:

    Young Money can take over man, they too chill wit it. Ha they can turn everything into smitherines if they wanted


  6. @becguyzlax Says:

    I guess Stunna should call Drake his son and weezy his lil bro..


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