Lil Chuckee Announces “Libra G.A.N.G” Clothing Line Business Venture

March 1, 2013 by Danny M

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Lil Chuckee Announces Libra Gang Clothing Line Business Venture

It looks like Lil Chuckee is about to venture into the clothing line business. In a press release, Chuckee says his clothing line will be called “Libra G.A.N.G” and the designs are all inspired by other brands, such as Joyrich, Sean John, and DGK. The apparel that you will first be able to purchase from the line are t-shirts, hats, and socks.

In related news, Lil Chuckee will also be going on a “Young & Gettin’ It” tour in March as well as a confirmed performance with Young Money label-mate Short Dawg at the SXSW show in Austin, Texas on March 15th.

You can read the press release about Chuckee‘s “Libra G.A.N.G” clothing line after the jump below.

It is often stated a new year brings new opportunities, and for artist, Lil Chuckee the timing couldn’t be better. Following up on the success of his Hood Guys project, the self-described “LeBron of my time” rapper has decided to expand his stake in the game, from music to clothing. Inspired by labels such as Sean John, Joyrich, and DGK, the line, aptly named “LibraG.A.N.G,” will offer shirts, socks and hats. Born in October along with fellow YMCMB artist Drake, the meaning behind the name is quite evident. On the heels of fellow artists in his camp who recently launched clothing lines, Chuckee is utilizing his creative talents to the fullest, something he’s always wanted to do. “I wanted everyone to be a part of the movement, to be inspired by it even if your 32, you can still feel young,” said Chuckee.

The release of his line comes just in time for his “Young & Gettin It” promo tour which kicks off in March as well as his SXSW performance in Austin, TX on March 15 with artists such as Lil Scrappy, Dorrough, label mate Fresh aka Short Dawg and many more. Nevertheless, even with a busy schedule in March approaching, Chuckee is putting the finishing touches on his forthcoming mixtape “LeBron of My Time” due to be released any day now. Two current remixes to be featured on the project, “Us” and “Ball” have been circulating the Internet along with his most recent single, “A Million and One Questions” which was just released. One of his most anticipated projects, Chuckee pushed the release back explaining, “I wanted to make sure I was really comfortable with the music.”

Approaching 18 this year, Lil Chuckee is positioning himself to make grown man moves. Not to be underestimated or unnoticed, he’s making sure every opportunity is acknowledged. Having withstood the trials and letdowns; experienced the meaning of patience and perseverance, like LeBron James, he is now hoping he can finally claim his crown.

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7 Responses to “Lil Chuckee Announces “Libra G.A.N.G” Clothing Line Business Venture”

  1. future Says:

    where will it be sold ?


  2. Danny M Says:

    You can actually get his clothing for free!!!
    Just like the guy above me said your local trash bins will be supporting Lil Chuckee.
    Make sure you check in before every trash day.


  3. flavz Says:

    Yeah it is true the local trash bins will be supporting lil chuckiee


  4. Last King 2 Says:

    hahaha…that aint even a middle finger..the fuck dat suppose 2 mean…anywho…YMCMB 4 LIFE…do ur thing homie!!


  5. 5trix Says:

    i incourage that chuckee so do ur think.


  6. P3ngu Says:

    Its not a middle finger because its supposed to be an L jackass. I want it, fuck outta here with that Sagittarius shit.


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