Tracklist For Tyga’s “Hotel California” Album

March 12, 2013 by Danny M

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Tracklist For Tyga Hotel California Album

Tyga releases the official tracklisting for his upcoming album, Hotel California, which will be released in stores on April 9th.

The album will contain 15 songs and include features from Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Jadakiss, 2Pac, Chris Brown, Future, Wiz Khafia, and 2 Chainz.

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33 Responses to “Tracklist For Tyga’s “Hotel California” Album”

  1. gucci Says:

    a 2pac feature???
    sounds like tyga just sampled his hit em up song……..


  2. a milli Says:

    lil weezy on the intro


  3. Collyton Says:

    So Tyga removed Wiz from Molly and kept the song to himself, but added Wiz to another song. Hmmmm


  4. G-UNIT Says:

    yoo that 2pac song is gonna get a lot of haters maaddddd


  5. edge Says:

    it will sample the old Wayne album


  6. Tru Says:



  7. Dollar$ Says:

    Where are the Nicki Minaj and Drake features ?


    • Cortez Bryant Says:

      Who needs Nicki or Drake, its Tyga’s Album, not a whole YMCMB album. This dude is his own star he don’t need that much help.


  8. Gahahah Says:

    Not impressed

    You can almost guess what the chorrusses going to sound like

    One sentence chorusses, repeat repeat repeat
    Bravo tyga


  9. Gahahaha Says:

    And off course future and 2chains trendy horrible bitch asses are on it
    These 2 rap even worse then lil chuckee

    Except for the jadakiss and wayne song no track sounds even slightly impressing
    The quality on this is gonna suck terribly it was done too fast

    This is no album material kid
    Tyga gonna get the boot soon


  10. Dope Says:

    ^fuck you


  11. BrazyWolf Says:

    that 500 degree will be epic….Tunechi will kill that shit!!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. BooBy Boi Says:

    hey danny where can i purchase authentic last kings gear? i ordered an lk snapback from tygas world and it looks like a fake. I also heard lastkingsdesigns isn’t official either.


  13. BigdaddyD69 Says:

    2pac on the track I know it’s his song but Ill like to listen to tupac and tyga on the same track



  14. El roy Says:

    @ boobyboi

    Check out

    From the looks of it they got all the hats tygas wears so im positive they are real here
    They judt accept creditcards though so keep that ij mond


  15. ♥Nicki♥Drake♥ Says:

    Well his last album was alright it was decent, I’ll see about this one…MAD NO NICKI FEATURE ON IT THOUGH…OR DRAKE!


  16. Icy Says:

    This isn’t an album man, this is an EP, come on tyga, your last two mixtapes had more songs…


  17. BooBy Boi Says:

    @El roy thanks pimp


  18. DrizzyYMCMB8 Says:

    No Drake? WOW.


  19. Killa Kam Says:

    I just got off hiphopdx and I must say I have never seen so muxh hating in my life. Almost every komment they was tryna klown tyga. Shxt ridikulous


  20. Armando Says:

    500 degrees is gonna be the best


  21. #DrizzyDrake Says:

    Drake? Nicki? tyga forgot about them…on your next album plz feature Drake & Nicki on your next album Tyga..


  22. Tane stevenson jr Says:

    this album will be sick use are just little hating girls


  23. Tane stevenson jr Says:

    dope and molly are both good songs so there could be more to come


  24. Dope Says:

    Short track list but if he actually took his time on this album then it has a lot of potential according to the futures and songs.


  25. Malwina Says:

    New album off tyga is so short he need to make more songs for his fans tho so They can listen more when he’s busy with another album or something. Most off the songs i already have from this album And They stay dope like all the others grom tyga!


  26. casheos Says:

    this sh*t b e dopest…haaaa


  27. casheous Says:

    dis will be smethng else way off the limit…n a word Dope


  28. warren Says:

    Wtf no drake no game no rick ross idk about this “full length” album got fuck wyane and 2 chainz wow could have brought a few more names in to make shit interesting


  29. Tane stevenson jr Says:

    its funny how people say that they are disapointed about the amount of songs and how quick it was made, how about use make a album then see how you go


  30. Jahsaan Glover Says:

    im mad that yall think tyga really need drake and nicki. he been doing with out them and he can keep it moving.


  31. Tane stevenson jr Says:

    yea true, drakes good but his style is way diffenrent to tygas


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