Tyga Detained By Police In Hollywood, His Lamborghini Gets Towed [Video]

March 17, 2013 by Danny M

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Yesterday, Tyga was pulled over in his Lamborghini Aventador in Los Angeles, California by the police for having no plates. You can watch some footage of the police detaining T-Raww and his Lambo getting towed in the video above!

After the situation, Tygaman then went on Twitter to tweet this message: “#FuckLAPD”

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18 Responses to “Tyga Detained By Police In Hollywood, His Lamborghini Gets Towed [Video]”

  1. Tunexx Says:

    How you gonna say #fuckLAPD when your the dumbass driving with no plates??


    • ♥Nicki♥Drake♥ Says:

      Ikr srsly wdf did he think would happen… he acting like a dumb ass tryna act hood and shit… setting a bad exmaple for that lil baby, this y lil immature niggas shouldnt go stickin their dick in every hole they see… he not even grown his self…


    • Dan Dan Says:

      dont call him a dumbass bitch


      • RuffCuff Says:

        Celebrities think they can do anything and get away with it!


  2. barbiecess Says:

    That’s Fcked Up! -.-
    Made Him to the walking test, & still gonna take the car,
    Coulda gave him a break. #YMCMB #LASTKINGS


  3. Wooow Says:

    Wow after his mixtape 187 i was almost certain tyga was gonna fuck these cops up

    This guy just keeps atracting negative attention to himself
    Dont go overboard tyga sooner or later you may get some trouble that are bigger then your shoes can fill


  4. Tyga is a true gangster, Take word from wayne tyga."always talk to God never listen to cops" Says:

    Don’t talk to cops tyga, I’m sure you don’t speak Pig Latin


  5. e$ho Says:

    why did they make him walk like that?

    it aint like he was drink driving


  6. PopAMolly Says:

    how you gonna say you bout that life but the second some shit happen like this you don’t act the way you say you gonna see that’s why i respect DMX if he says he gonna fuck up a police man than that nigga will
    Forever Fuck Tyga


    • Cortez Bryant Says:

      How bout you go youtube yourself fuckin up a police officer so we all can laugh at how your retarded ass die. That’s right nigga stfu


  7. Hrs Of GreatNes Says:

    Yo tyga since you ain’t no car come hop on this
    gears of war judgment wit’cha boy! B A N G B A N G!


  8. El_Spiffo Says:

    sorry to hear about that shit tyga.
    But everbody check out my music, real dope shit right here.


  9. Ozzie Says:

    what did he expect? no license and driving, silly tyga haha, he still my nigga tho but no need to tweet #FuckLAPD


  10. dank Says:

    I would be feeling #fucklapd also. I’m not sure if he got detained for no license or plates but both of those he shouldn’t have been detained for so #fucklapd.


  11. djwayne Says:

    lol nigga showin his fone like da pig on dat commercial lls


  12. @dank Says:

    Dank you make no sense. Stupid ass. You a lawyer now?



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