Tyga Discusses The Cover For His “Hotel California” Album [Video]

April 4, 2013 by Danny M


Above, Tyga talks to MTV about the artwork for his upcoming Hotel California album, which is set to be released on April 9th. T-Raww also explains why he took himself off the cover and just left the tiger on it.

“The music is not mellow at all, so that’s why I did the cover real classic and mellow and laid back. When you listen to the music it’s the total opposite.”

“My problem is I’m impatient, so I don’t like to wait until everything is done to put it out. I always like to give my fans information as soon as I get it, to keep them involved from day one. Actually that wasn’t the official cover, it was never done. I had just tweeted it out like let me see what people think.”

“I got like four or five other covers too, but I just officially felt like the one that I put out with the tiger on the front and the tiger on the back, it felt classic to me. The tiger is self-explanatory, but I just felt like it was real classic and it said a lot about California and that image. From the palm trees to the just the relaxation, to what California brings.”

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13 Responses to “Tyga Discusses The Cover For His “Hotel California” Album [Video]”

  1. Brandon Says:



  2. YunG based god Says:

    im callin it. this album is gettin another pushback. if it was droppin next week it would have leaked by now. and snippets would have been released


  3. Libra Says:

    Music is the opposite of mellow. so im guessing that aint another careless world type vibe to it damn.


  4. Friendz Says:

    It will leak soon, it’s just that not many people are checking for it, so that is why it ain’t leaked yet.


  5. Gahaha Says:

    After this album we gon decide wether tyga is a 1 trick pony or not

    Listening to very mediocre songs he put out last 2 years, stupid punclines and simple and repetetive chorusses, wack features
    His hunger is gone so why does he even bother ?

    He just turned out to be anther 12 in a dozen rappers


  6. Friendz Says:

    The album has leaked


  7. Tune Knowledge Says:

    The album is okay… Nothing “classic” the intro is the best part.


  8. BooBy Boi Says:

    the album is trash


  9. drizzy Says:

    i really expected this album was gone be different from all of his recent mixtapes guess i was wrong. he really should’ve put drake or did another lil wayne feature on here. i wouldn’t be suprised if it dont sell more then lil wayne ianahb2. #dissappointed


  10. gheeeeeeeeeeeeeee Says:

    Dope as fuck album bitches


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