Tyga Talks Visiting Lil Wayne In Hospital, Too $hort Running Away From The Cops & More

April 17, 2013 by Danny M


Tyga and Mally Mall recently sat down with DJ Whoo Kid for an interview while on a promo run for the Hotel California album.

During the interview, T-Raww spoke on his new album, shooting a photo shoot with a real tiger, his shoe line with Reebok, why he decided to put Jadakiss on “Hit ‘Em Up“, visiting Lil Wayne in the hospital when he suffered from a seizure, the Rick Ross lyrics controversy, his thoughts on Too $hort running away from the cops, touring, how he hooked up with DJ Mustard, and more!

Whoo Kid also asked Tygaman if he is tired of performing “Rack City” yet and if Weezy cared about which songs were put on Hotel California.

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16 Responses to “Tyga Talks Visiting Lil Wayne In Hospital, Too $hort Running Away From The Cops & More”

  1. Tyga Says:

    Im gay!


  2. drugz Says:

    that shit was hilarious when too short thought he could escape the police lmao


  3. jermaine Says:

    lol we all know weezy didnt even listen to hotel california and pick the songs which go on the album

    tyga wanted to say that but then thought he shouldnt cause it would give weezy a bad name

    but little does he know its public knowledge weezy didnt even listen to nicki minaj’s album or drake’s take care

    this is also why gudda doesnt have an album out cause weezy is a bad boss


    • ace! Says:

      “weezy a bad boss” but has some of the most succsessful artist out right now!! yeah you’re a dumbass for that comment ^^


  4. dipset Says:

    The first comment reading “I’m gay!” Really made me laugh


  5. kush & drank Says:

    he’s saying wayne dont be trippin tryna controll what songs he should and shouldnt put put he just lets him do what he wants you idiot!! smfh


  6. mikey_lbc Says:

    that nigga tyga chill as fuck lol


  7. Ha Says:

    That I’m Gay shit had me weak for a sec


  8. WeezyKB24 Says:

    Dumbass nigga Wayne lets his artists have freedom and do what they want but offers advice anytime they need it.

    That’s much better than a controlling bitch.


  9. Tyga Says:

    Im really gay!


  10. #DrizzyDrake Says:

    whats up with this person^^ keeps on saying im gay??


  11. Broskie Says:

    Wayne does listen to Tyga & Nicki’s music.. He even admitted at a concert I attended that he listened to Drake’s album “sooo much” and then started singing Shot For Me.


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