Chanel West Coast Announces She Is Signed To Young Money Entertainment

While at SXSW in Austin, Texas, Chanel West Coast announces to Bootleg Kev of Power 98.3 that she is the newest artist signed to Young Money Entertainment. She also mentions that she is managed by the same people that manage Lil Wayne – Cortez Bryant and Gee Roberson.

During the interview, Chanel West Coast talks about her upcoming mixtape, working at the Fantasy Factory with Rob Dyrdek, rapping at 14-years-old, having male and female groupies, being a white female rapper, and more. It is such a joy to see a new IGA Catalogue with new specials. If you like that, you will probably like ALDI Weekly Ad if you ever go to America.

The new Young Mula signee also speaks about her label-mate Lil Twist turning Justin Bieber into a different person and lets Bootleg Kev know that Young Money and Cash Money are two different labels with different artists, which is something I have to do frequently when people ask me why I don’t post Bow Wow or Ace Hood updates on YoungMoneyHQ!

Hit the jump to get a preview of Chanel West Coast‘s music by watching her video for “I Love Money“. Tez also makes a few appearances in the visual.

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29 Responses to “Chanel West Coast Announces She Is Signed To Young Money Entertainment”

  1. MSD Says:

    really ??!!


  2. Keep It G Says:

    Wayne tryna sign the next white rapper, because Iggy fails.


  3. 2shoes Says:

    she sucks

    weezy what about shanell? she basically has the same name

    young money needa stop signing every artist and work on getting albums out from jae millz and cory gunz first


  4. PReign Says:

    Wow she is sexy but Cortez need to start working on Lil Wayne and Lil Twist first.


  5. 5star Says:

    that was too awkward when the interview guy asked her to to tell wayne to drop gudda from the label


  6. BabyMomma Says:

    Why did YM sign this chick and not Honey Cocaine ? That song was pretty good though :p


  7. gucci Says:

    obviously she sucked tez off and now she has a deal


  8. JSPR Says:

    LOOOOL I can only cry. She sucks so bad. Like really. She’s the worst possible female rapper I can think of.

    Would fuck tho.


  9. wake up Says:

    cortez???????? Really well your shit wont EVER drop tez sucks at putting out music


  10. wake up Says:

    but nicki may be in deep shit with YM queen


  11. Loyal fan Says:

    Niggas and hoes stop hating on that chick!!!


  12. Killa Kam Says:

    She has potential but dude in the video tried df outta the nxgga Gudda.


  13. dipset Says:

    This chick sucks so bad WTF!


  14. mikey_lbc Says:

    wtf where they thinking? smfh oh well she wont drop anyway lol


  15. I Ain't Nervous Says:

    Gudda need to send his goons to take this dude out.


  16. Ahe Says:

    She Dosnt Have To Drop AnyThing , The Facted That She Signed To YOUNG MONEY Means She Richer Than You Already


  17. Ha Says:



  18. @DannyM Says:

    @DannyM How bout turning this into YMCMBhq or richGanghq


  19. J Says:

    She will still always be that pussy little blonde bitch that would cry all the time when she got hurt at the fantasy factory


  20. Says:

    I love ur work in ur signings, ur entertainers re hot,am an actist too,keep me posted with news am T-one keeping it real wit youngmoney


  21. wow Says:

    my ears are bleeding.This sucked so bad my cats where crying . this sucked so bad my mom cussed me the fuck out and she never cuss, WTF is wayne doing


  22. daReal214 Says:

    At least Wayne didn’t sign Amanda Bynes,that woulve been a fail


  23. MANOTTI Says:

    Chanel got signed to the label only for another easy write off after all Young Money sings anyone but notice how their album never see’s the light of day which to me doesn’t make any sense on why would anyone sign with this label? In Chanel case this was most likely the only label willing to sign her garbage ass everything about this broad is annoying as fuck, her delusional I’m so damn sexy, my lyrics are hot as the sun, and the most annoying trait about this dizzy ass broad would be her dolphin laugh real talk she sounds like flipper when she laughs…..She is the third worst white female so called rapper to ever pick up the mic since Kreyshawn and V-nasty as well as that whole bullshit ass White Girl Mob movement…..Chanel will never be that big of an artist but than in these days and times its possible with all this bullshit mainstream hip pop shit flooding the game, I won’t be listening to her music gave her latest mixtape a sample listen and it was weak as her this broads rapping ability…With that being said I wish Mia X,Gangsta Boo,and even Boss was in the rap game to shit on garbage ass gimmick Nicki and the rest of these watered down ass new age female rappers


  24. shannon mc Says:

    I like her but I don’t know about her rapping skills. She seems uncomfortable in that video an outta place. She don’t even know how to turn up! Lil wayne u got a lot of work to do here.


  25. Iceman Says:

    Ymcmb y’all really fuckin up big Fuken TYME dog wtf is up she is annoying n she needs a lot of work on her rappin damm lil Wayne wat is Ur problem I thought u were professional artist signin sum one who can’t rap if dats da case u should sign me if u WANA listen to my tracks I’m sure u can find me on sound cloud n Facebook n hear my music but n e ways u guys Fuken up big TYME makes me WANA stop listening to ymcmb n all y’all jus cuz of her as is drake sucks now Chanel sup wit deez fake ass fake da funk WANA b white trash rappers get it straight



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