Lil Wayne & Mack Maine Introduce New Group Signed To Young Money – W3 The Future

May 7, 2013 by Danny M

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In the video above, Young Money bosses Lil Wayne and Mack Maine introduce a new group that they have signed to the label called W3 The Future. The teenage group, also known as WTF, consists of 3 best friends – 3siXT, DG, and Edge One.

Click here to read more information about W3 The Future!

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17 Responses to “Lil Wayne & Mack Maine Introduce New Group Signed To Young Money – W3 The Future”

  1. billionaire Says:

    ym need to stop signing wack artists to the label that no one gives a single fuck about

    we still waiting on gudda and shanell’s album release date


  2. RacKz Says:

    Young Money would be perfect if they didn’t sign these….

    Christina Milian
    Regiane Carter
    We The Future
    Chanel West Coast

    Those names make me embarrassed to say I’m a fan of YM


  3. olly Says:

    first waynes daughter then that white chick and now these 😐


  4. Kurrupt Says:

    If y’all dnt want christina or reginae to do shit then tell mack to come sign me aight? Lol its crazy tho


  5. chronic Says:

    Wayne & Mack please worry about your artists who cant put an album out rather than signing artists no one care about,


  6. carterVI Says:

    fuck em all…right from childhood YM til i die…but mack ya fucked up..


  7. tm Says:

    @Rackz & @billionaire I couldn’t agree with y’all more, YM use 2 be such a respectable lable!!! Now they signing wack artist like WTF…this is embarressing!


  8. dipset Says:

    A whole bunch of haterz


  9. Scooba Says:

    gudda and cory never getting an album because of shit like this. SMFH. Also i love how mack never blew up so wayne just gave him a figurehead position in YM and he fuckin that up too. signing garbage. GUNZ NEEDS AN ALBUM


  10. I Ain't Nervous Says:

    More teenage artists making teenage music for teenager girls to buy, young money the label fell off.


  11. WarFare Says:

    r.i.p ym 2007 – 2012

    yall had great a run…


  12. SoSoFly Says:

    Im soo embarssd to be a Fan of YM now
    i myt jus start repn TaylorGang


  13. Ed! Says:

    Weak!!!!!!!! Ass hell you Heard me….3 lil wanna be Rapper…


  14. Ulix Says:

    This aint sum charity organisation. Shit keep goin like dis and everything’s gona get fuckd up real bad.


  15. stfu Says:

    Stfu with the “they are wack” shit for Christ sake yall havent even heard their music and yall already judging. tf is wrong with yall? lil wayne is just trying to bring diversity to his label is that so wrong? more diversity means more money right for him. like i said before dont judge someone if you dont even know them that well yet or havent heard their talents thats childish and ignorant. youve seen him bring other artist who people never thoguht would make it up so what makes you think he cant do it with them. and if youre gonna say you dont like them let you opinions be more plausible.
    btw excuse the typos english isnt my first language


  16. daysha Says:

    Damn its a lot of haters. People don’t understand it take time to put artist out. Its all about time. Shut the fuck up


  17. Nebulion Says:

    They had a great run indeed. however we do well to keep in mind that young money was never even in the running, they just fooled a few teenagers, made a few stacks with Sh*tty Truck Fit… stop ruNning with the puppies and Join the top doggs. (G.O.O.D MUSIC)/Rocafella


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