Flow & Slim Boogie Play Their Juvenile Collabo, Chill In Studio With Christian Radke [Video]

June 6, 2013 by Danny M

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In the video above, you can watch some footage of G5 Babe in the car with Flow and Slim Boogie listening to their unreleased Juvenile collaboration and showing off their face tattoos outside of VooDoo Tattoo in Louisiana. They then head to the studio with Christian Radke and speak to the camera.

Free the Esho Hero!

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14 Responses to “Flow & Slim Boogie Play Their Juvenile Collabo, Chill In Studio With Christian Radke [Video]”

  1. wurk Says:

    why is this nigga fucked up off drugs 24/7


  2. low-blow-joe Says:

    so its truuu?? flow is behind bars


  3. DB5Flowfan Says:

    Why is flow in jail


  4. Young Teezy Says:

    damn my bro flow aka esho hero just tell tha just like tht YMCMB x FGM x Honeycomb x Rich Gang x BWA x BWS x BSM x Vampire Life til I fuckin Die fuck thez niggas how hate on my family shout to bro’s boogieman shout out T streets and Marley g and 12 shotty n bonka n fgm rocky

    like bro gudda gudda Ok, I walked up in the club like fuck these niggas
    Treat them like a soda can, I’ma crush these niggas

    free my bro flow
    TRUKFIT all day everday

    Martians 4 Life
    No New Friends


  5. 666 Says:

    Who was Flow threatening in the video?


  6. 999 ducksicke Says:

    Nigga voice sounds like a rat thrown in blender

    If your voice so annoying dont talk or keep it minimal godamm
    He almost in the same voice category as lil tornado


  7. Uptown_3rdward Says:

    Flow betta shut his pussy ass up doing all dat stuntin fa dat camera make a nigga bat the piss outcha scary ass u was ah hoe when u was going to reed u wasnt bout dat shit u claimin now u ah bitch boy so all u east niggaz bloods now? LOL wayne got yall fucked up in da head we dont get down like that in new orleans man come in dat 3rd ward talkin dat slime, 5, soo woo shit hea bitch u aint gon make it back to dat east come dipp in dat calliope and see how nigga really do it in the city ya heard me!


    • v Says:

      you aint lying nigga used to be be punking da fuck out him at reed lmaoooooo


  8. D3 Says:

    He’s Talkin Bout When Wayne Said In DEDICATION 3 The Club Is His Job , Shows Is His Job (Wat He Get Money For) But That Studio Is His LIFE He Dont Ride Around In His Million Dollar Car Tryin To Pick Up Girls Cause Whats The Point?


  9. Remy Says:

    Danny do you know why flow is in jail? That sucks I wicked like flow.


  10. N.O504 Says:

    Uptown_3rdwar shut yo pussy ass up nigga talking all that smack shit difference is his making money & being someone in life & you being a what? Dick rider hope off he’s nuts you dick riding faggot worry about yo life you fuck ass lame nigga you probably still stay with yo mom & don’t have a job trying sound like “hustle” shut the fuck up bitch ass nigga …eastide all day free my nigga flow man & fuck these riding ass faggots pussy lame niggas got no life but to talk smack ole pussy ass bitch made niggas


  11. junixr Says:

    Free blxxd


  12. Sick EM Says:

    Bra dis video Dumb Old…dis shit hit youtube bfore it got on here


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